Why is the mobile internet so bad in Germany?

At the moment there is – once again – a lot of ranting about our federal government. Allegedly she just screwed up too many topics completely to attack me again in the tone right in the introduction. Often enough we try to classify things a little more realistically here on the blog, so that one can see that many allegations that are made against the government are false or even absurd. ( Disclaimer: No, I’m not a sleeping sheep and yes, I consider myself sufficiently well informed)

So let’s get excited about something now where we can say with a clear conscience: Yeah, the government actually got us into it. It is not only about the current responsible persons, because the topic “Mobile Internet in Germany” was put to the sand well before this legislative period.

Serious mistakes were already made in 3G times Made by the government, basically even before that. While 5G is slowly becoming more widespread in the big cities in the year 2020, there are still enough white spots on the map of Germany with regions in which one is already aware 3G would be very happy.

One wonders which view hurts more: The one on the rankings in which Germany is on a miserable 44. Rank is – or a look at the tariffs in other, partly neighboring countries, where LTE without data limit is surprisingly inexpensive compared to our local tariffs.

So we have the worst of the two Worlds: Our internet is slow, but also expensive. No wonder, then, when Sascha Lobo wrote :

The Cell phone coverage in this country is patchy, slow and sometimes more expensive than taking a taxi abroad to stream. Sascha Lobo

I don’t even want to be bored with statistics and give an enjoyable and verbose report about which mini states have faster internet than we do and basically I don’t like to ponder long about who are to blame for this misery. Since there are numerous politicians of the most varied stripes and generations and of course the commercial enterprises are also partly to blame for the development in this country, I will content myself with a link to a reading recommendation for now.

The tip is a Spiegel contribution from 1989 – already there, i.e. before over 30 Years ago, the course was set for a brilliant odyssey of horror and failure. The pointman back then: CDU man and then Post Minister Christian Schwarz-Schilling! He managed the trick of selling his shares in a copper cable company to Nixdorf only a few hours before he became Minister of Post. And? Has he – as requested by the experts – pushed the fiber optic expansion, or did he prefer the good, old copper cable? Come on, you know the solution.

Now that 5G is becoming more and more important, especially in the industrial sector and for the smart city, it would be so colossally important to have a well-developed fiber optic network . Unfortunately we don’t. I see myself standing in the ocean on the east coast of Taiwan – with LTE on my smartphone, of course – and then compare that with the situation that arises when you took the train out of Dortmund’s main station seconds ago – and only then sometimes there is no network at all.

Unfortunately there is still so much to do and unfortunately unfortunate to bungled decisions run like a red thread through the German history of the mobile Internet. Anyone who thought that everything would get better with 5G could possibly be bitterly disappointed. The big race to catch up in the expansion and speed charts shouldn’t start anytime soon.

Everything went wrong there, why things are so different in Germany and why slow internet is more expensive than fast internet in other countries, the following video explains very nicely. Simplicissimus, part of the funk network and as such a member of ARD and ZDF, explains in an easy-to-understand way how the status quo is, when and where what was messed up and why the future prospects are not particularly rosy. “Have fun” sounds sarcastic to the max in this case, but it is meant seriously because, despite all the grievances, it is a very entertaining video. In this sense: Have fun!

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