VW ID.4 in the test: electric car with enough space for families

The approval numbers have it 2019 already shown, electric mobility is gaining enormous momentum and 2021 a variety of exciting vehicles are coming onto the market. For me a highlight right at the beginning of the year, I had the opportunity to test a VW ID.4 for one day. The ID.4 will be very interesting especially for families who have more space requirements and that’s why I took a closer look at the car and this time even with a small video report thanks to Pascal from iNeedContent .

The Volkswagen ID.4

After the compact model ID.3, which I have already tested extensively , the ID.4 is the second model on the modular electric drive kit (MEB) and at the same time the brand’s first fully electric SUV. The ID.4 is starting in the largest market segment in the world, that of compact SUVs, and is also the first e-world car from Volkswagen: It is not only produced in Germany, but also in China and the USA. At the start there are two ID.4 models: The ID.4 1 ST and 1 ST Max, later there will be eight
preconfigured models to order . The cheapest version with the smaller battery starts with 39 ‘000 .- CHF.

VW ID.4 1ST Max Edition im Test
VW ID.4 1ST Max Edition in the test

ID.4 1ST Max as test car

The car tested here is a fully equipped ID.4 of the 1ST Edition (Max). Here are some important key points:

  • Rear-wheel drive engine and 150 kW (204 PS) Power
  • 500 km range according to WLTP cycle
  • 82 kWh battery (77 kWh usable )
  • 125 kW DC & 11 kW AC charging power
  • Trailer coupling with trailer load of 750 kg unbraked, 1 ‘000 kg braked

  • AR Head-Up-Display
  • IQ.LIGHT matrix headlight module
  • Travel Assist with automatic distance control
  • Der ID.4 Innenraum
    The ID.4 interior


    The ID.4 has a small video premiere. Together with Pascal from iNeedContent we tried to make the most of the day and created a video . I’m curious how it will be received and whether we should do it again:

    Inner space

    At first glance, the interior of the ID.4 looks exactly like that of its little brother ID.3. However, significantly more noble materials are used, especially for the door panels, the dashboard and the seats. What remains is the dominant display in the middle of the dashboard. VW consistently goes the way of less physical buttons but with a few quick accesses, a middle ground that suits me personally. The temperature or volume can be adjusted quickly and easily. The same applies to driver assistance systems and control via the steering wheel.

    VW ID.4 Cockpit
    VW ID.4 Cockpit

    Even as a tall man with a height of almost 2m, there is plenty of space in the spacious ID.4. Compared to the panoramic glass roof, there is still a few centimeters of headroom with a comfortably upright sitting position. The sports seats with vegan seat covers fit in with the path taken by Volkswagen to produce ID vehicles in a completely climate-neutral way.

    Tolle Sitze im ID.4 mit Massage-Funktion
    Great seats in the ID.4 with massage function

    Thanks to the long wheelbase, there is a surprising amount of space in the interior. On the one hand, for the people in the front, but especially noticeable on the back seat. In the following picture, the front seat is adjusted to my size, despite that I could sit comfortably in the back and still have legroom. It is really very spacious and there are also comfortable seats in the back with a matching design. The missing center tunnel offers enough space and also has its own automatic air conditioning in the middle, as well as two USB-C charging sockets.

    Problemlos Platz für 4 Erwachsene im ID.4
    Easy space for 4 adults in ID.4

    In the trunk there is a loading volume of 543 liters available. If you fold the back seat down you can open the load space to full 1575 Expand liters. The trunk has a double floor, which can be lowered or removed. There is a small, additional compartment under the “second” shelf. This offers enough storage space for charging cables. Like the ID.3, the ID.4 does not have a frunk, which I find understandable due to the short front section.

    543 Liter Volumen im Kofferraum
    543 liters volume in the trunk


    The ID.4 is also “fully connected” and, thanks to the built-in SIM card, can be inserted directly into the Volkswagen WeConnect environment. Vehicle data can be called up via the app, such as the current charge level or conveniently activating the auxiliary heating. You can also send destinations to the navigation device or specify a target value for the load. With “Hello ID.” the voice control can be activated and commands for the automatic air conditioning, the telephone or even for the navigation are sent. Especially great for me, the ID.4 offers Apple Carplay by default. This even in the wireless version via a hotspot, i.e. place the iPhone in the wireless charging cradle and carry out the entire operation via the central touchscreen.

    On the way with ID.4

    I usually test electric cars for in-depth test reports much longer than was the case at this one-day event. Still, I like to leave a few impressions. The Volkswagen ID.4 comes in the 1ST Max Edition with numerous assistance systems. For me as an ID.3 driver, these were already well known and worked accordingly. Particularly interesting is the “Travel Assist” with automatic distance control and lane departure warning. This makes it easy to glide through traffic, especially on the motorway and out of town. The system recognizes speed information and decelerates and accelerates independently. In addition, the ID.4 keeps itself in the lane and brakes itself on tight bends or roundabouts.

    Der elektrische Tiguan von Volkswagen
    The electric Tiguan from Volkswagen

    A highlight in ID.4 as in ID.3 after updates is the AR Head-Up-Display. This fades information onto the windscreen so that the driver no longer has to look the other way for navigation instructions or speed information and limits. The special thing about VW’s implementation with Augmented Reality: Notes are felt in 3 to 10 meters distance projected. Navigation instructions are displayed directly in the street image, as are markings from the distance control system and from the lane departure warning system. I already know it from the ID.3 and just find it very pleasant to drive like this.

    Das Heck des VW ID.4
    The rear of the VW ID.4

    The ID.4 is of course significantly larger than its little brother ID.3. Thanks to the electric drive, you hardly notice the mass, the car is quiet and safe on the road. Of course, the rear-wheel drive is noticeable in the snow, and the ESP actively controls this. The front wheels have a large angle thanks to the drive on the rear wheel axle and the compact SUV is accordingly agile. Like the ID.3, the ID.4 also has the two driving modes “D” and “B”. While there is hardly any recuperation in D and ID.4 safely drives like a combustion engine (the vehicle glides along without operating the accelerator), braking in B mode. This means that a slight luff of the pedal leads to recuperation and thus a deceleration of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not adjustable and rather weak, but when braking is first recuperated before the brake calipers use.

    1ST Max
    1ST Max

    Finally with a trailer coupling

    So far, I’ve always had a vehicle with a trailer coupling and this is also on my requirements list for a new family car . In the trunk of the ID.4 there is a small, inconspicuous switch on the right side. This allows the trailer coupling to be unlocked electrically and it can then be locked into place by hand. It offers a trailer load of 750 kg unbraked and up to 1000 kg braked. This is ideal for my requirements, but not enough for people with a caravan. Additionally 04 kg load can be stowed. This consolidates my impression that with the ID.4 large family holidays with a roof box and bike rack on the trailer coupling are possible without any problems h are.

    IQ.LIGHT Matrix- Scheinwerfermodul
    IQ. LIGHT Matrix headlight module

    ID.4 on the way and charging at home

    The ID.4 has a 11 kW AC charger as it is now almost standard. The ID.3 has the same charger, so the ID.4 can be connected to the 77 kWh battery can be charged in 7 hours at the wallbox, provided it is completely empty. So easily feasible overnight. For traveling is a 125 kW DC charger installed, this enables it at charging stations, which also provide the power, within 30 min round 300 km range to load. For example, Volkswagen states that such a test charge with a low charge level and a warm battery was not possible in a test on one day. I will make up for charging tests when the ID.4 is officially available in Switzerland.

    Der ID.4 kann mit 125kW DC Laden
    The ID.4 can start with 125 kW DC charging


    I can provide some information on the range after one day. With snow and temperatures around zero I had about the 300 km that I had covered during the test, a consumption of 19. 7kWh / 100 km. This mean value would currently have a range of about 360 km mean. In direct comparison with the Audi e-tron, that is more , even if the e-tron is slightly larger. I am positively surprised by the consumption, after all, the heater had to do a lot of work on the day of the test. On value at temperatures above 15 ° C I’m curious, I guess 420 – 450 km should be there.

    Sparsamer Verbrauch im Winter: Der VW ID.4
    Economical consumption in winter: The VW ID.4


    That was a short and intensive test with the VW ID.4 and I tried to pass on as many impressions as possible. The ID.4 enables the installation of a roof box, has a fold-out trailer coupling and offers plenty of storage space. There is plenty of space for the occupants thanks to the long wheelbase. Thanks 77 kWh battery with high charging power, it also fits with the range for longer trips as a family, these points have absolutely convinced me. How do you like the ID.4 from VW?

    The ID.4 1ST is available for 53 ‘100 .- CHF, while the MAX variant tested here 63 ‘650 .- CHF costs . From the middle of the year the ID.4 GTX version with all-wheel drive is to come onto the market.

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