USA: Solar prices are expected to drop by 60 percent over the next 10 years

In the future, our energy requirements will continue to increase. This is not only due to the growing world population, but also to processes that are becoming more relevant, such as the production of hydrogen. Sustainable energy sources are required so that emissions do not increase with consumption. The sun is one of them.

But what makes solar systems really lucrative? Right, the price. The sun is the cheapest way to get energy , but prices are likely to fall further. This is also how the US Department of Energy (DOE) sees it, which recently issued a new target: In the next 10 years the price for solar energy should increase by further 60 percent decrease. That is ambitious.

Solar energy is the future (Image: Andreas Gücklhorn)

Make it possible via 128 Million US dollars to be invested in research and development. In this way, the performance of existing systems is to continue to increase and the expansion is also to be accelerated five-fold. By 2035 the entire operation of the US energy sector should then be carbon neutral.

The bottom line is then the price per kilowatt hour at 3 cents to 2021 and at 2 cents to 2030. At the moment we are still at around 4.6 cents per kilowatt hour. New research findings and the development of optimized processes could support other countries in the energy transition.

Previously installed panels should become more efficient (Image: Markus Spiske)

But that’s not all. The DOE is also investing in other areas in order to develop sustainable infrastructure. 22 Projects received support from a total of 40 million US dollars, these mainly deal with perovskite materials. Perovskite is a family of materials that have the potential to increase the efficiency of solar cells at low cost.

Own opinion:

We are currently still on a dangerous path, but the latest measures, developments and technologies impressively demonstrate that we can prevent the climate catastrophe. Nevertheless, the investment of a double-digit million amount is still a bit small, if we take the defense expenditure in comparison, which is 2020 in the USA amounted to 730 billion euros. Because nature could be the most dangerous for us in the long term.

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