Two new smartphones from realme will appear shortly

If we look at the smartphone market, there is a lot of competition in the Android ecosystem. A few years ago, Samsung was still the measure of all things, but increasingly Chinese manufacturers such as Oppo, OnePlus or realme are catching up with mostly just as good models. The latter company plans to shortly launch two new models, the realme 8 and the realme 8 Pro.

We are already allowed to publish general specifications today, but the details published so far promise a lot. It has been recognized that buyers are increasingly paying attention to the camera and its photo and video quality. Here one speaks of the first ultra-quad camera with 100 to offer megapixels “in this price segment”. The prices are not yet known, but it should again be affordable models.

Realme offers not only smartphones but also other gadgets

Further specifications for so-called “Infinity Camera” promise a 3x ultra zoom, which should have the same quality as an optical magnification and a focus on photos in poor lighting. A time-lapse mode for stars is integrated and a function for rotating high-quality videos at night. For the first time, a tilt-shift video function should be available for an end device, but what exactly that means is not yet known.

We should also expect a lot from the processing. Realme speaks of an “AG-Crystal production process”. With only 176 grams (an iPhone 12 weighs 162 grams) and a thickness of 8.1 millimeters, the devices should lie comfortably in the hand. Compared to a current iPhone 12 the realme 8 (Pro) is slightly longer and slightly wider.

Compared to the iPhone 12 the realme 8 (Pro) is slightly larger
Own Opinion:

Chinese manufacturers have long proven that a good smartphone does not necessarily have to be above 1. 000 Must cost euros. In my past I have already used OnePlus and Huawei devices and have never had any complaints. However, realme has to prove one thing with its end devices: If possible, native Android, which can get updates and security patches quickly and easily. Because any hardware is only as good as the software used.

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