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There are several mobile operating systems currently existing in the world right now but only two stand out and have eaten a better chunk of the smartphone market.

Android, owned and maintained by Google and iOS coming from Apple.

99.5% of the people you know have either Android or iOS running on their smartphones. Of course Android is more popular running on almost 80% of smartphones in the world right now.

Normally, Android apps are not expected to run on iOS and via versa. But in this article, we will be listing the best iOS emulators for Android.

This emulators will help run iOS apps on your Android smartphone. I know this is something you would like to do.

I would have loved to go ahead and explain in details what an emulator is but just by its name you should know that an emulator is a software or an app as the case maybe that you can use to run an incompatible app on a device that wasn’t designed to run the app.

In this case, the app will literally create a small iOS space in your Android device, help compile the iOS codes that make up the app into something our Android CPU will understand and run.

Now that we are on the same page of what an emulator is, let’s go down to the list.

Best iOS Emulators for Android To Run iOS Apps

Best iOS Emulators for Android To Run iOS Apps

1. Cider


3. iOSEmu

4. Appetize.IO

5. All in One iOS Emulator

1. Cider

Formerly called Cycada. If it’s not the best iOS emulator for Android, then it will be among the very best.

Funny enough, there’s a little twist of humour behind the naming of this app. The name Cider is actually from fermented Apples (like…Apple, the company behind iOS for iPhones ). Fermented Apple is used in making alcoholic beverage.

The app is not only available Android, but it’s also on Windows PC where it also emulates running iOS apps and games on windows PC.

Cider us a freeware and very simple to use and doesn’t require root access like some other apps.

However, you might encounter issues if you try to run the app on a low end Android smartphone. But on a pretty good device, this might just be the best iOS Emulator for Android.


The second on the list is IEMU.

It’s also a good iOS emulator you can use to emulate the iOS platform on your android.

WITH most Android phones, you might not need root access to use this app on your phone, but some other phones will require root access.

One thing you must note is that, this app doesn’t support iOS apps that make use of GPS, microphone, camera and any other sensors while you’re using the emulator. It issue is not exclusive to only IEMU, it’s a random ish with all iOS emulators for Android.

The IEMU simulates some apps while others will prove sturborn.

Also, the requirements to run this app is much lower compared to cider but the performance you’ll get here will also be lower which also largely depends on your device; a better device translates to better performance.

3. iOSEmu

iOSEmu is different from others. It’s more like having the apple app store lying next to Google play store on your Android device as it can be used to search, download and run its apps and games on your Android phone.

Ones again, you should know that apps that need access to a microphone, camera and GPS won’t work. Asides from that, you can apply themes, run apps that require jailbroken iPhone devices, Download paid games for free and much more.

The icing on the cake that this emulator is free to download and also doesn’t require any in-app purchase. It’s more like having the best of the two smartphone worlds lying inside your Android phone.

Definitely worth checking out.

4. Appetize.IO

Appetize.IO is quite a different one too. Unlike the rest on the list, Appetize.IO is a web-based iOS emulator.

Being a web-based emulator gave it some strength over the rest while at the same time taking away some credible features too.

Plus side is that with, you can run your iOS app on both your Android device or any other internet enabled device you have and you also don’t need to have a good android device to run the iOS apps, all you need to have is a good browser and good Internet Connection.

Mostly useful to developers who will always carry out random tests on their iOS apps.

5. All in One iOS Emulator

This is the last iOS emulators in our list and this one is quite special.

It was created by a member of XDA Developers. One thing that makes this iOS emulator for Android unique is that with all in one iOS emulator you get to use SIRI on your Android phone.

The same Apple’s digital assistant found on iPhones is pre-installed inside the emulator. You can also download paid apps for free.

All in one iOS Emulator doesn’t have the best user interface, its design is quite average but good enough to get you to use it without pulling your eyes out.

Also comes with iOS music app and camera. The emulator packs so many features that you will be surprised what you can be able to do with it.


The list contains the 5 best iOS emulators for android you can download today on your Android to flex your favourite iPhone apps.

You are one step ahead of other smartphone users because you now have the two smartphone worlds right in your Android phone.


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