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Unlike women, men don’t need to spend a lot of time in the bathroom preparing for the day. But these days, It’s fair to say that men are spending a lot more time pruning and preening in the bathroom than their fathers did back in their day.

It’s nothing to complain about though. There’s nothing wrong with a brother taking alot of time to look his best and also know that grooming extends beyond managing his facial hairs.

But, a modern gent is aware of two things:

  1. Time is money and every second you spend not working for your money is money you are losing.
  2. He is also aware of his surroundings and also aware there’s always a faster, smarter or easier way to do anything in this age of tech, including your daily grooming rituals..

The question is, do you already have all the gadgets to help you get prepped up perfectly for the day in a flash?

Here are the top 10 gadgets that you should seriously consider adding to your bathroom cabinet.

Braun Series 9 SHAVER

Even if you prefer a razor for tackling stubble, an electric shaver is an essential tool that can come in handy on mornings when time is tight. It’s also good for those with sensitive skin that tends to get irritated from razor-shaving.

Get one with a pivoting head, such as Braun’s Series 9 shaver, which also boasts sonic technology that produces 10,000 micro-vibrations with each stroke to capture every hair.

Philips NT3160 Ear & Nose DETAIL HAIR TRIMMER

We all know how awful it looks seeing a nose hair dropping sticking out from your nose? You dont need to let that ruin all the grooming good you’ve done elsewhere. This nifty electric trimmer will provide you with a quick and painless way to deal with overgrown nasal hair, as well as unwanted fuzz in the ears and around the brows.

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH

Are you still washing your face with your hands? It’s cool though but why not use the power of skincare tech to do that instead?

An electric facial cleansing device can give your skin a deeper cleanse more than your hand would do and, at the same time, lightly exfoliate and massage your face, while preping your face for a closer shave.

The Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush, considered as the Ferrari of face cleaners with its sleek scrubber will oscillate at more than 300 movements a second to remove dirt and oil from your pore.

You have the option to choose between three levels of speed to customize your scrubbing option and then a timer to help you choose between one or two cleansing cycle.

There is a dryer holder for it that also doubles as it charge station.


This is a Japanese made gadget from a beauty device brand, ReFa. The Refa EXE For Men uses micro-current technology to deliver a lymphatic massage to help define your face and is designed to better handle men’s skin, which tends to be thicker and harder than women’s.


There is alot going on in your mouth. From bacteria looking for an abode to chemicals from your food, even the food you eat can be a threat to your general dental care. That’s why your dental hygeine should be on fleek and there’s no way take your dental care serious if not starting from your toothbrush.

There may not be solid proof that electric toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning your teeth than a regular toothbrush, but why not let the device do all the work for you?

Oral B Genius Pro 9000 BK goes even further with Bluetooth – it’ll connect with your smartphone via an app to provide you with real-time feedback on your brushing habits. Sounds.

Violet Countertop Toothbrush Sanitizer

Still on the issue of taking your dental hygeine serious, this gadget is for guys who have a hygiene- challenged roomie. This germ -bursting ultraviolet cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and leaves your toothbrush perma-fresh and clean 24/7.

The sanitizer is designed to hold up to 4 brushes  and it comes with a beautiful translucent cap that glows when it’s on.


Also called Water flosser or dental water pick. It removes plaque and food debris from gaps between the teeth by splushing strong jets of water through them.

This gadget will be a game change your daily dental-maintenance routine. It will ease you off messing your dents and gums with toothpicks and and for guys that dislike the normal flossing, this is a game changer.

Kohler Moxie SHowerhead + Wireless Speaker

You like singing in the shower? I think we all do. The Kohler Moxie takes singing to the next by synchronizing with any with your phone or mp3 player via bluetooth; streaming your fav playlists away while you are showering.

The 60 angled nozzle that fully immense you in your cleansing rainfall  has a speaker pod inbetween it. The POD is both waterproof and portable so you can remove it and carry it along to out of the shower to continue your music.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror

Not every guy out there fancy looking at their faces in a mirror while dressing up for work in the morning. But the few that does care to do so, this gadget will be worth every cent you throw into getting it.

The Simplehuman sense mirror is designed with LED light ring which mimics natural sunlight and lightens up around it.

The mirror has 5X magnification, so you can get up zoom in or out on your face to get a closer look at every detail of your face.

While it’s a rechargable mirror, it’s also coredless, meaning you can set it up anywhere on your table without bothering about having its cord lying around and messing up the arrangment on the surface it;s on.

The sensors on the mirror automatically detects when it’s in use and turns the light on and off  easing you off the stress of fumbling with the switch.

LightStim for Wrinkles

This is a gadget that offers at-home light therapy. Tested and trusted, FDA cleared.

The LightStim zaps crow feets away, reduces the size of pores and brightens the appearance of sun-damaged skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

It takes atleast 6-8 weeks of usage to start seeing those wrinkes on your skin disappear.


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