Tolino Vision 5 in the test: good competition to Amazon's Kindle

End 2020 the time had come. My Amazon Kindle gave up after almost 8 years of use. An uninterrupted reading flow was only possible if the device was constantly plugged into the socket, so the battery had almost reached the end of its life. A new eBook reader was needed, but because of the market power of Amazon I wanted to try something different. Then I rediscovered the Tolino series, which is sold in this country by booksellers such as Hugendubel, Thalia or Weltbild.

Three models are currently being advertised: The entry-level model “page 2” for 89 Euro, the ” vision 5 “for 179 Euro or the “epos 2” for 299 Euro. Since I wanted to try out the additional physical buttons of the “vision 5”, I ordered this model. After a little over 3 months I can say that I have not regretted the purchase since then. In the following you will find an overview of why this is so:


Quality and display

Anyone who has unpacked the Tolino “vision 5” will be disappointed for the price. The device consists of a plastic frame that is stable but doesn’t really feel valuable. The available buttons for scrolling forward and back do not give good feedback either, the manufacturer could still improve this significantly.

It is different with the display. This is 7 inches tall and offers great illumination. The Tolino adjusts its brightness under different lighting conditions, and the color temperature of the display changes depending on the time of day. Fonts and sizes can be adjusted depending on the book and are used with a pixel density of 300 ppi displayed sharp and legible.

The frame doesn’t feel valuable, but the display belongs to the top class

Purchase of eBooks

Large selection from different retailers

Another plus for Tolino is the large selection of eBooks. So we don’t have to buy everything from Amazon, but can choose between different booksellers. This includes, for example, Hugendubel, Weltbild, Thalia, bü or Once purchased, all titles are reliably synchronized with the cloud. If your partner or the children also have a Tolino, everyone can access the other’s books.

I also like the approach that books are in ePub format. Compared to Amazon, which prefers its own MOBI format, content can be synchronized with other Reade models or desktop applications, should Tolino one day no longer exist, the library could simply continue to be used.


There is still a lot to learn here

In my opinion, the biggest problem with the Tolino is still always the software. The operating system has improved a world over the last few years, but reading doesn’t feel as smooth as it does on a Kindle. Sometimes it takes several seconds between pressing the button and turning the page, calling up menus and marking content also takes a comparatively long time.

The synchronization of reading statuses, markings and notes with the cloud always has dropouts again. Sometimes it is necessary to log out and log back in completely, but notes made up to that point are then irretrievably lost. A Kindle can do that by worlds better.

The selection and marking of content takes a comparatively long time. The synchronization also has its problems

Battery life

Charge once a month

Let’s take a look at the battery life. I use the “vision 5” between 30 and 60 minutes per day and can last a whole month on one charge. The manufacturer gives 1 here. 200 mAh on. Once the battery charge is exhausted, the Tolino draws attention to itself in good time, the charging time is OK (depending on the charge, the reader is full again after a little more than 1 hour).

Other equipment

Reading in the bathtub? No problem!

In addition to the features mentioned above, the “vision 5” also offers protection against swimming accidents. If the reader falls into the bathtub, you have with 30 Minutes enough time to fish it out again. Furthermore, the storage space of 6 gigabytes for books is generously dimensioned, here you can find up to 6. 000 eBooks space.

Finally, the HotSpot support should be mentioned. If you have a Tolino and are registered with a bookseller via it, you can access all of Deutsche Telekom’s public HotSpots. Buying a book on the go is therefore no problem.

If the synchronization works, you can simply continue reading on a tablet or smartphone


Tolino or not Tolino? That’s the question

So is the Tolino the better Kindle? Yes and no! In many respects the Tolino can catch up with Amazon, some functions I even find a little better than the Kindle (for example the format and the freedom to buy books where I want). On the other hand, the Kindle is way ahead when it comes to software and synchronization. In terms of price, you can get the Kindle Paperwhite for barely 120 Euro a somewhat cheaper reading pleasure, but you have to do without physical buttons for scrolling.

Those who can overlook the Tolino’s software teething problems and support local booksellers would like, a “vision 5” is recommended. For those who are already located in the Amazon universe, the “vision 5” is not an option.

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