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According to Chang Cheng, the VP of Lenovo group, the Lenovo Z5 flagship phone is confirmed to get official on June 5.

Cheng has been busy with recent teasing the bezel-less design of the upcoming Lenovo flagship smartphone.

The smartphone is expected to so far be the flagship to offer the highest screen space in the industry.

Somehow, fresh renders of the Lenovo Z5 just showed up on Weibo and I would like you to pay close attention.

The renders have shown so many things that are interesting. A slightly thick bottom bezel which showed that the handset will be featuring super-slim bezels.

But, the most eye-catching part of the render could be seen on its front side which is mainly occupied by the smartphone’s display.

The chin of the device has a selfie camera positioned at its center. While there’s no confirmation on the authenticity of these renders so far, it will put the smartphone on the radar for a very long time if it happens to be true.

With smartphone brands trying as much as possible to do away with the top and bottom bezels to create more display real estate, they are now in an uncomfortable state while deciding where to place the components that the top bezel would have normally held.

We’ve seen so many strategies to settle this problem which includes, using a notch on the top bezel which has been the most popular design so far.

With the front camera placed at the center of the bottom chin, It’s speculated that the ambient sensor and proximity sensor could be also embedded in the bottom bezel too. The earpiece is missing which suggests that it could be placed under the display.

If it’s true, then this will make a perfect phone for those of us that hate the notched display design, and the Lenovo Z5 will be one of the flagship phones that will have some advanced features like notch-less screen with 95-percent screen-to-body ratio, 4 TB storage, dual camera with AI, 45-day standby time and astounding talk time.

The rear side of the smartphone will be sporting gradient glass back like that of the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

There was an official sketch of the Lenovo Z5 released previously. However, today, this new render acts as an updated render and resembles the actual design of the phone.

Specwise, it is speculated to be work with Snapdragon 845. Rumors also claim that the handset will be equipped with an under-display fingerprint reader.

We have seen so many brands putting their front-facing camera lens on a somehow awkward position, like Xiaomi and doogee who left there’ at the right bottom bezel.

What do you think about the design and camera position of the Lenovo Z5?


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