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Blind people can harness the power of other people’s vision via their phone to assist them in their day to day life activities.

Robots can give unobtrusive care and wheelchair users can express their creativity. All thanks to this Disability-friendly Gadget.

All these are the solutions technology has provided  to assist the life of disabled individuals among us.

Inventors from around the world gave Dragon’s Den-style pitches about disability-friendly gadgets and ideas to BDA judges via Skype in

BLACKWOOD design Awards (BDA).

Amongst the wonderful ideas pitched so far, one of the ideas judges were mostly impressed with was the ‘Be My Eyes’ app which works by connecting visually-impaired people with a sighted member of the public via a live video chat on their smartphone.

How it Works:

Anyone around the world who downloads the app to their phone, can volunteer to lend their eyes to help solve tasks that blind and low-sighted people face everyday. This includes checking food expiry dates or navigating new surroundings.

With over 2.1 million volunteers globally, the app is giving people the opportunity to use one part of their body to help another person that’s visually impaired.

When you download the app to your smartphone.  You are then alerted if there is a visually-impaired person requesting assistance. So far, the app already has over 131,500 blind and low vision users.

A user by name Sally, a volunteer from Essex, gives account of her friend’s experience with the app.  

She said she watched her friend, who is also a volunteer use the phone app.

“She had to help this visually-impaired person find a tablet. He had dropped all his tablets on the floor but he’d found a few, and there was just one more to find and she helped him find it pretty quickly.

So, you could just talk to anybody in the world and they could use the one bit of your body that’s still working to help their life. It will make anybody feel really valued and special.

Be my eye app is used globally in more than 150 countries, and at the end of BDA, the app won the ‘Best New Product’ category.


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