The need for green electricity, but also coal-fired electricity, continues to rise steadily

What is the most popular energy source in the future? If I were to ask this question, most of them would answer with sustainable variants. Maybe the sun? The wind? Or hydropower? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. At least if you look at the energy report of the international energy authority IEA.

Because although sustainable energy production is on the advance, the emissions per year 2021 continue to rise. The share of sustainable electricity is expected to increase by 8 percent and then reach 8. 3000 terawatt hours (which corresponds to a share of 30 makes up percent of the global electricity mix), but coal-fired electricity is still far from obsolete.

Especially in China, coal power remains important

Because The demand from Asia (especially China) continues to drive the production of electricity from coal. Overall production fell by 4 percent in the year 2020, but the experts assume that this year will set new records for the Emissions from coal power are broken. Then an additional 1.5 billion tons should be emitted (an increase of 5 percent).

Nevertheless, China is also the country that is currently expanding its sustainable capacities significantly. Half of this year’s growth in solar and wind power is likely to come from the People’s Republic, followed by the United States, the European Union and India. This year around 1 comes from the sun. 000 Terawatt hours more (an increase of 145 terawatt hours), from wind turbines 275 additional terawatt hours

Sustainable energy sources are our future

If you add up all these values, the production from wind increases 17 percent, in the case of the sun it is 18 percent. The demand for coal and gas is also likely to be higher than in the previous record year 2019, one reason why we are still a long way from here are on target. Because in order to save the planet we have to get out of such dirty energy sources in the long term.

Own opinion:

The European Union, the United States and other countries will continue to reduce their electricity consumption from polluting sources this year. Nevertheless, China and the Asian countries have a not insignificant effect on our climate. It remains to be seen whether China will really reach its highest level of emissions in the next few years and then slowly become more sustainable, or whether the production of dirty energy will remain an integral part of the electricity mix.

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