The current discussion about AstraZeneca is a huge mistake

At this point in time, the controversial discussions surrounding AstraZeneca’s vaccine are growing significantly. Many truths, half-truths and false information are circulating on the Internet, also spurred on by the various reactions of researchers and politicians. That could break our necks in Europe in the long term and unnecessarily prolong the coronavirus pandemic. Because one thing is clear: The uncertainty is growing!

But first to trigger the current debate. AstraZeneca’s vaccine has never really enjoyed popularity, one reason being the initial research into the drug’s effectiveness. Because it quickly turned out that comparable vaccinations from Biontech and Pfizer are somewhat more effective. The trust of the population was put to the test right from the start.

Mistrust of the AstraZeneca vaccine is growing (Image: Mat Napo)

In addition, there are now examinations that have shown complications after vaccinations. Sometimes blood clots occurred, one reason why countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France stopped their vaccination efforts with the substance. This is despite the fact that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended the vaccine to be administered up to now. Governments around the world also continue to rely on AstraZeneca, including Canada and Great Britain.

If you look at the actual facts, we are currently making a big mistake. With over 5 million vaccinations, there was just one time for 15 to such complications. If you take the affected age group and compare it with unvaccinated people, the risk is roughly the same. It could just as well affect each of us – with or without a vaccination.

We need to increase immunity in the population (Image: John Cameron)

The scope of this decision will become apparent in the next few months. Many people were skeptical about the drug from the start, and distrust of AstraZeneca is likely to continue to grow. And that in the time when every vaccination counts. In France only 40 percent of people get vaccinated, in this country the numbers are also falling dramatically. The pandemic won’t stop that.

Own opinion:

We are playing with fire with the current debate. Even if the AstraZeneca vaccine proves to be safe again, trust in many places has now been destroyed for good. The willingness to vaccinate is drastically decreasing in Europe, only herd immunity can end the pandemic. If we don’t address people’s fears soon, then we will be in lockdown in Europe in December, while elsewhere life will go on again as normal.

Via MIT Technology Review

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