The best apps for your iPhone and iPad (May 2021)

Off we go into spring. While the temperatures are rising in many places and at the same time the coronavirus pandemic is hopefully slowly coming to an end, we want to look again at the best apps for your iPhone and iPad. Today we look at apps for the household and there is something for leisure activities. Finally we take a look at Apple Arcade.

Eating and drinking: With “Message in a Bottle” and “Kitchen Stories”

Die Drinks come with the “message in a bottle”

During the coronavirus pandemic one has somehow become a bit more comfortable. Many retailers are no longer open, the food or goods simply come by delivery service. This is where the beverage delivery service “Bottle Post” comes in, which offers you from a minimum order value (for me these are 20 Euro) delivers drinks to the apartment.

message in a bottle (Free, App Store) →

The order is made via a very clear interface, normally you can find the desired drinks relatively easily. The delivery went without any problems for me, the current delivery status can be tracked at any time. Punctual, fast and free of charge: This is how a delivery service should be.

The app is available free of charge for iOS, registration takes place when you place your first order. “Message in a bottle” is still not available everywhere.

What is there today? “Kitchen Stories” knows

Since restaurants are also closed, eating is increasingly moving to your own kitchen. But after more than a year of pandemic it is difficult to find interesting recipes, websites like Pinterest and Chef are not exactly intuitive in this regard. “Kitchen Stories” wants to change that.

Kitchen Stories Recipes (Free + , App Store) →

The app is designed very clearly and offers different mottos at regular intervals. For a few weeks, the focus is on pizza, then there is more and more content on, for example, salads. In addition to the relatively tidy suggestions, you can also actively search for recipes from the editorial team or the huge community, and your own recipes can also be saved with a subscription. An all-rounder for the kitchen!

The basic version of “Kitchen Stories” is available free of charge for iOS and iPad OS, but I can offer you the premium version for 24, 99 I highly recommend euros per year. Only then can you access all of the content and conveniently import recipes from other sources at the same time.

Boredom? How about “Komoot” or “Simply Guitar”?

Hikes around the world: With “Komoot”

Another A change from the currently valid restrictions is to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. I myself have rediscovered hiking for myself in the last few months, but unfortunately I was always lacking ideas about which route to choose each week. That has changed with “Komoot”.

Komoot – Bicycle & Hiking Navi (Free + , App Store) →

Dozens of community routes are collected in the app. If you want to venture out on a hike, you can either set waypoints on a map in advance and let yourself be navigated along them or choose from thousands of routes already maintained by the community. Ultimately, all you have to do is decide whether you want to start from your home address, search for a route within a defined radius or use public transport to get to the starting point.

“Komoot” is free in the basic version for iOS and iPad OS available, for offline navigation you pay per map region or once 19 , 99 Euros for everything. I can only recommend the premium variant to all those who tackle long tours and who are on the road for several days.

Learn guitar with “Simply Guitar”

And then there are those of us who are trying new hobbies during the pandemic. I myself had wanted to learn an instrument for a long time, and there was plenty of time during the current exit restrictions. But how can you learn the guitar I have chosen in times of Corona? There is “Simply Guitar” for this.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes (Free + , App Store ) →

What I particularly like about the app is that it really does everything is included. You can tune your guitar and, based on the basics, decide whether you want to play solos or chords. The order is not given, you can also switch between the two directions at any time. Usually each training chapter is introduced by a video and then goes into practice. The app with activated microphone then recognizes whether you are playing the right thing or should still practice something.

“Simply Guitar” can be used free of charge for one week on iOS and iPad OS, after which the annual subscription costs 134, 99 Euro. This is a proud price, but the package is definitely worth it for guitar enthusiasts.

Recommendation of the month from Apple Arcade

Finally, let’s take a look still on a recommendation from Apple Arcade. Please note that the paid subscription from Apple is required for use

“Rayman Mini” can still be used

Since the The last Rayman game for consoles was released some years ago. That’s a shame, as I’ve always enjoyed playing the game made up of 2D and 3D elements. If the waiting time for the next game in the series is too long, you can have a lot of fun on the iPhone and iPad.

Rayman Mini (Exclusive to Arcade, App Store) →

“Rayman Mini ”Relies on the established game principle. We run and jump from left to right, overcoming obstacles and trying to collect as many points as possible. Rayman is and remains the ideal jump and run for in between or longer sessions on the couch.

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