The best apps for your iPhone and iPad (March 2021)

A new month is just around the corner and welcome to the overview of the top apps for iPhone and iPad. The shortest month of the year is behind us, so it’s time to get your smartphone ready for March. In today’s overview you will find apps for more productivity, for more health and another game from Apple Arcade.

Be productive: With “Focus Keeper” and “Forest”

Easy focusing with “Focus Keeper”

Many of us probably still spend a large part of our working time in our own home office. In addition to the obvious disadvantages (e.g. fewer conversations with colleagues), this also has advantages. So we are seldom interrupted during work. If you want to divide your focus well over the working day, we recommend “Focus Keeper”.

With “Focus Keeper” you can keep an eye on the time better.

Focus Keeper – Time Management (Free + , App Store) →

Energy to concentrate is not available in infinite form. Anyone who sits long before a task should take breaks from time to time and let their thoughts wander. “Focus Keeper” makes use of the Pomodoro principle. Here each work step is divided into 4 time blocks á 25 minutes . In between there are short breaks, after a session a longer break. “Focus Keeper” lets you set the time intervals flexibly and (if desired) plays the ticking of an egg timer.

I like the minimalist approach to “Focus Keeper”, only necessary functions are included. If you want to support the developer and want to adjust your timer a little more, you have to do a one-off 2, 29 shell out euros. A worthwhile investment for the future.

Plant trees with “Forest”

An app that is basically the same as “ Focus Keeper ”is“ Forest ”. Here, too, it is a matter of measuring your own focus time and taking a break after a predetermined period of time. The apps differ in two ways: “Forest” plants a virtual tree for you during the focus, but unfortunately does not offer a timer for the breaks.

With “Forest” you plant virtual trees.

Forest – Stay focused (2, 29 € + , App Store) →

Basically you can select a tree species before planting and assign a label for the current session. Now the tree begins to grow, after the timer has expired you will receive virtual coins and a fully grown tree for your plantation. You can then use the coins you earn to unlock more trees in your own in-app shop. Networking with friends also works, if you want to be particularly strict with yourself, you can define in strict mode that the tree dies when you exit the app.

“Forest” costs 2,

Euro and is also available for browsers. So you can synchronize and control your progress across multiple devices. I like the app very much because it turns the exhausting process of focusing into a kind of game.

Staying healthy: With “Waterminder” and “Down Dog”

Stay hydrated with “Waterminder”

Even if we sit at home a lot at the moment, our body needs at least 2 liters of water per day. If you work a lot and are under stress, you often forget to take small breaks to drink, the body then takes revenge with the first signs of lack of water. “Waterminder” helps you to keep an eye on your hydration.

“Waterminder” helps you stay hydrated.

WaterMinder (5, 49 € + , App Store) →

In the app you can track the drinks you have consumed and use a graphic to see how close you have come to your goal today. Depending on the drink, “Waterminder” also takes into account whether this is to 90 Percentage of the water balance contributes (e.g. water) or whether you have to drink more for the same result (e.g. coffee).

If you want to be reminded of your own hydration from now on, you pay a one-time fee for “Waterminder” 5 , 49 Euro. What I particularly like about this app is that the user is always reminded of enough water. Earnable successes provide additional motivation in everyday life.

Stay fit with “Down Dog”

A lack of exercise also often seems to be a side effect of the current coronavirus pandemic. If you are in the home office, for many people the working day is usually limited to the way between the bedroom, study and kitchen. Many steps do not come together, the muscles and our back suffer particularly, as we mostly sit at the desk.

“Down Dog” keeps your muscles busy.

Yoga | Down Dog (Free + , App Store) →

That can quickly take revenge. Tension and other “desk problems” are the result. If you want to give something back to your body, then in my opinion yoga is well advised. The “Down Dog” app offers good courses for beginners, advanced and professionals who can take a few minutes to 90 can stretch for minutes. A coach introduces the exercises and explains what you have to pay attention to in your current position. In addition to the level of difficulty and the duration, other aspects of the exercise can be adjusted, such as the focus or the background music.

“Down Dog” can initially be tested free of charge, after a period of several weeks up to 70 Euro per year due. If you get the subscription via the website, you usually save because the classic commission for Apple no longer applies.

Recommendation of the month from Apple Arcade

Zum Finally, let’s look at a recommendation from Apple Arcade. Please note that a paid subscription from Apple is required to use it.

Explore mysterious houses with “Creaks”

From the drawing board in strange built houses. That’s roughly the story behind “Creaks”. While we are still dealing with a defective lightbulb at the beginning, we suddenly end up in buildings that are constructed like a maze. In addition to the typical fun puzzles, there are also dangers that we can avoid at any time.

In “Creaks” we have to get safely from A to B.

Creaks (Exclusive to Arcade, App Store) →

The style of “Creaks” is kept very inconspicuous, the levels are nicely designed and offer from a certain level on, there are also greater challenges. So you keep getting caught with the question “How do I get the dog out of there?” or “Haven’t I been here before?” Thus “Creaks” is an ideal companion for boring afternoons or train journeys.

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