The best apps for your iPhone and iPad (April 2021)

The first quarter of the year is already over, so it’s time to talk again about the best apps for your iPhone or iPad. Today we look at apps for reading and noting and helpful companions for more mindfulness. Finally, this time there is another game from Apple Arcade.

Read and write down content: with “Instapaper” and “Drafts”

Reading and noting with “Instapaper”

Reading news, marking content, taking notes or collecting articles is usually only simple and straightforward with a physical newspaper. That is a shame, journalistic content is increasingly shifting to the Internet. If you don’t want to sink into the paper, then “Instapaper” could be just the thing.

Instapaper (Free + , App Store) →

The app lets you save content in your personal reading area (via the share menu in iOS and iPad OS). Should you then have some time to read at a later point in time, you can open “Instapaper” and read the saved articles (offline). But that’s not all: In addition to just reading, interesting text passages can be annotated, and great content can be saved as favorites. You can also search the article for specific words or have the entire text read out to you. So you have all the facts to hand quickly and easily.

“Instapaper” can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and requires an account to be used. If you don’t just want to save and read articles, you need a premium subscription, which is currently with 29, 99 euros per year to book.

Quick notes with “Drafts”

Lately I’ve been discovering more and more audio books for myself. Especially on longer car journeys, it is pleasant and relaxing to simply select a book of your choice and slowly glide across the street. But what should you do if you want to take notes while you are doing this? Very simple, you use “Drafts”.

Drafts (Free + , App Store) →

Because with “Drafts ”It is also possible to make short notes by voice without any problems. If you have an Apple Watch, you can simply tap the complication on the screen and speak directly into the watch. What is said is then transcribed and is later available in the app. But “Drafts” is also suitable for regular (short) notes. An absolute recommendation from my side.

“Drafts” is also available free of charge in the App Store and already offers all the important features in this version. Integrations with other apps, custom themes and widgets are available for 32, 99 Euro per year.

Be more mindful: with “Day One” and “Today”

“ Day One ”as the ideal diary

In the past, I introduced the diary app“ Daygram ”to you at this point. Here you can create diary entries and carry out the most important operations. For those who need a little more and want to expand their day with pictures, videos and recordings, “Day One” is the perfect everyday companion.

Day One Diary + Notes (Free + , App Store) →

What I particularly like about “Day One” is that I can create custom templates . In the morning I document how I slept and what I am grateful for, in the evening, however, the day is replayed in my mind and the most important things are summarized. Via the synchronization you can then see every entry on every registered device, so in a year you will still know what you have done today.

“Day One” requires a user account and is in the basic version available free of charge. I recommend the premium version, because only then can content be synchronized, multiple media embedded in each entry and the developers supported. With 37, 99 Euro, the annual price is acceptable .

Build habits with “Today”

It continues with setting and achieving goals. Because we usually only get ahead with many things if we regularly devote our time to them. This is where habits come into play, which usually only emerge after 30 to 60 days. In order for us to hold out during this period of time, “Today” offers us a little help.

Today: Habit Tracker (Free + , App Store) →

The app does the “Don’t break the chain ”principle. We are particularly reluctant to break a good habit if we have already carried it out successfully for the past few days. In “Today” we can create our desired habits and tick them off day by day. In addition to the nature of the habit, we can also define the frequency. Once checked, a circle fills and the day is highlighted in green in the calendar. This motivates to repeat the habit of creating a chain.

In the basic version, “Today” is free of charge. Those who want to add custom images and support the developer pay a one-time fee of 5, 49 Euro.

Recommendation of the month from Apple Arcade

Finally, take a look we still based on a recommendation from Apple Arcade. Please note that a paid subscription from Apple is required to use it.

Tied word puzzles with “Word Laces”

Watch today let’s turn to a game that is suitable as a short pastime for in between: “Word Laces”. Especially if you only have a few minutes left in between, the app is worth starting, because all you have to do is find words. The whole thing is relatively similar to 4 pictures – 1 word, but here it says “1 picture – several words”.

Word Laces (Exclusive to Arcade, App Store) →

The first levels are still relatively simple, but the difficulty increases as you progress. You will be shown a photo and then have to string together several words from individual fragments. Should you ever get stuck, you can get a tip. Without activated advertising and without in-app purchase.

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