The Amazon has emitted more than it has absorbed over the past decade

The next few decades will show whether many forest areas tend to absorb greenhouse gases or whether they also contribute to global climate change. Many ecosystems are now on the brink of failure, today we would like to dedicate ourselves to the green lungs of the planet: the Amazon.

Because the rainforest is not in good shape, as a new study shows. Accordingly, the area has in the years 1600 to 2019 contributed to climate change rather than protecting us from its effects. Because during this period 16, 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide emitted, whereby only 13, 9 billion tons were reabsorbed.

The Amazon is increasingly on fire (Image: REUTERS)

How the forest absorbs CO2 should be known by now, but why does the Amazon give off so much carbon dioxide again? The main reason is (as expected) the human being. Because large parts of the emissions are caused by clearing, fire or other destruction. The youngest years are particularly noticeable.

In the year 2019 took fire and others Clearance almost four times as much compared to the two previous years. Were it 2017 and 2018 about 1 million hectares, so 2019 already 3.9 million hectares fell to us humans to the victim. The forest that once protected us becomes a danger on this path.

We don’t know at what point the changeover could become irreversible Jean-Pierre Wigneron, scientist at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in France

In the last fifty years, plants and soils have absorbed a little less than a third of all emissions, the oceans have barely absorbed 20 percent of emissions. So it is precisely up to the Brazilian government (which is unfortunately not in a very good position) whether there will be a climate catastrophe here or whether the trend will be countered. But also other countries, to which just 40 Percentage of the Amazon are in demand in the future.

Own opinion:

With the reports that have increasingly come into the focus of reporting in recent years, it is difficult to remain positive on the topic of climate change. Even so, there is still a glimmer of hope that one day we will get this threat under control. In my opinion, one thing is most important: All countries must pull together.

Via The Guardian

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