Sony Alpha 1 in the test: is the high-end camera worth the money?

There are test reports that I cannot do myself because the test device is clearly aimed at the target group of professionals. One such device is definitely the Sony Alpha 1, which is aimed at professional hybrid photographers who are looking for a camera for both photography and filming. Up to now, you often had to decide whether to focus on photos or videos when it comes to hardware – the Alpha 1 tries to combine all the properties of both worlds in one device. That is why the photographer Boris Baldinger tests the camera extensively.

First of all. With a price tag of currently 7800 .- CHF, this camera is not suitable for everyone. But from my point of view it is worth every franc. In the last few months the world has changed more than in the 20 years before. And by that I don’t just mean the corona pandemic. Today there are more than just “photographers” and “filmmakers”. The new generation are content creators. Individuals who produce content across the entire band – and at the highest level.

The camera manufacturers have also noticed this change. Ten years ago there was still a big gap between photo and film cameras. But thanks to new hybrid models, this hole is being filled with exciting products. Initially only equipped with the most necessary film options, we have now reached a point where both areas, i.e. photography and film, are treated equally in the same camera.

The Sony Alpha 1 sets new standards here Standards in the field of professional content creation. A compact and robust body with exceptional capabilities. But as already mentioned at the beginning – that has its price.

This camera is therefore deliberately aimed at the professional content creator market. So to people who make a living by producing content.

After starting my own business as a pure photographer almost 6 years ago, I am now pretty much in the middle between photography and filmmaking. At this point in time, my experience with the Sony Alpha 1 is still limited – but I’m already deeply in love with it. Because no matter what I want to do, this camera supports me on all levels.

Sample images

Some Boris provides sample images in full resolution here for viewing .


As expected, the Sony Alpha 1 is of course not a bargain. The body is available for 7 ‘799 .- CHF in stores Light & Byte or at .

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