Smart-me energy meters retrofitted with real-time data in the cloud

In the last few years I’ve been constantly expanding and adapting my Smart Home, but the energy management with PV system and storage has a bit of an upper hand won. Now, with the last PV expansion, I had also eliminated a legacy, namely removed the old energy meters from Loxone and replaced the modern meters from the Swiss company smart-me with . These allow me numerous connections.

smart-me features

Before I show what I have done, here is a brief introduction to the Smart-me devices. In principle, smart-me offers 1-phase and 3-phase meters that can be quickly and easily integrated into third-party systems thanks to the integrated WiFi and mobile radio interface. In addition, the meters deliver real-time data to the in-house smart-me cloud , which of course is encrypted. The data can be visualized there or also billed for larger systems (e.g. ZEV).

Die 3-Phasen Zähler von smart-me messen bei mir den Hauseingang und PV-Strom
The 3- Phase counters from smart-me measure my house entrance and PV current


Setting up a meter at smart-me is surprisingly easy. To do this, you can scan the QR code on the meter or read in the serial number in the in-house smart-me app. This is followed by the usual integration of a new device with WLAN into your own network. That means: Connect to the smart-me hotspot, enter the data of the home WLAN and the thing is set up. Very practical for me, with previous RS 485 and Ethernet meters I still had to run 3-4 network cables through the distribution cabinet.

Die smart-me App liefert Daten und visualisiert auch verschiedene Auswertungen
The smart-me app provides data and also visualizes various evaluations

Smart-me energy meter in use

I have installed a total of three smart-me meters. The most important one is the balance meter, i.e. a meter directly after the EW’s house entrance meter. The entire consumption of the house flows through this meter, and in my case, thanks to PV systems, also the generation. A meter is needed there that can be read out quickly so that I can use the Solar Manager to adjust the house consumption according to the PV system. This self-consumption optimization enables you to consume as much of the self-generated energy yourself . This meter is of course a 3-phase energy meter, handy

I also installed two meters to record the PV current. This is especially important with ZEV systems, with the so-called “grouping for self-consumption” you have to record PV electricity with tested meters in order to bill it. Smart-me is well positioned here, I did it to gain experience with data acquisition for further projects. I record the large PV system like house consumption with a 3-phase energy meter, for the small PV system on the carport a 1-phase counter is installed. This is built into the sub-distributor in the carport and has a stable WiFi connection into the house, so many things have been done right with regard to WiFi reception.

Auch Loxone bedient sich in der smart-me Cloud
Loxone also uses the smart-me cloud

Communication also with the Loxone Smart Home

As mentioned, it was a reason for me to rebuild the meters because I can query the data via the smart-me cloud and Modbus TCP in different ways. The manufacturer also describes in its own wiki in detail how I can call up the data in Loxone and just can also be integrated in the Solar Manager . The built-in relay contacts on each meter can also be controlled, which saves additional components for simple consumer controls. I find it very practical and so I now have all relevant energy data live in the Loxone Smart Home.

Solar Manager fragt smart-me Zähler direkt aus der Cloud ab
Solar Manager queries smart-me meters directly from the cloud


I always like to try new things and I also like to support innovative Swiss companies and startups. For me, the smart-me meters are the ideal solution in order not to install multiple meters for different systems. That the Central Swiss are now also bringing an exciting charging station onto the market, which was financed by Kickstarter , makes me sit up and take notice too. I am looking forward to it anyway. Incidentally, a professional subscription is required for smart-me to quickly query the data and for regulation.

The smart-me counters are available from specialist retailers, for example at 209 .- CHF for single-phase and 379 .- CHF for three-phase meters .

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