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When you thought you’ve seen it all, something insane leaves it’s manufacturing room, shows up in front of us and the whole world goes crazy on it.

When the 146-inch version of The Wall showed up last January, the stunning MicroLED TV by Samsung was a mind blowing device that kept everybody , but, when you scale it up to 292 inches — 24 feet! — and 8K video resolution, this is the positively enter the realm of interdimensional portal-level amazingness. At this level, you should be convinced that Samsung is just getting started with innovation.

The TV is expected to be available globally this month.

The TV will be available in different variations ranging from 73-inches and 2K resolution to this 292-inches.

One of the most impressive aspects of the the TV is its thickness which is only 30 millimeters and it has zero bezel: Meaning the image ends right at the edge.

With this device and its new technology, Samsung has finally been able to match the large-format LG OLED displays its rival came up with. LG has been topping the chart on the Television market when they were the only manufacturer who could offer an infinite contrast ratio all thanks to the self-emitting light nature of OLED – Every pixel produces its light without the need of any backlight. The result is that — while every other TV have grayish blacks and comparatively washed out color thanks to the lamps being the LCD panel — OLED can offer true pure blacks.

According to Samsung, the Wall TV has a 100,000-hour lifetime. By comparison, LG claims that its TVs can last 30,000 hours — which converts to about 10 years if you watch TV about eight hours a day.

Also, OLED can get burn-in images permanently imprinted on its surface if you leave the same image on for a long time. In theory, MicroLED doesn’t have this problem.

Samsung also claims that this TV will deliver 2,000 nits of maximum brightness when displaying 120 frames per second — which sounds quite dizzying. The entire thing is controlled by an AI-based image processor that handles upscaling of video and color banding smoothing.

The Wall Luxury comes with everything you expect from a TV of this class which includes all the connections you can imagine, wireless, and two different sound systems, Hartman Luxury Audio or Steinway Lyngdorf.


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