samsung trade in program

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Samsung is wasting no time to savage Huawei’s current situation to their own benefit.

Huawei found themselves in a devastating US government’s ban.

The US government classified Huawei a threat to national security ordering all sort of companies to stop deals with the Chinese firm, the smartphone and 5G network provider started to see all sort of troubles.

Google taking away Huawei’s Android license and leaving them with just a temporary one which will expire on August 12th.

The Samsung team has decided to launch an smart initiative on its store in Singapore dedicated and targeting users of the Chinese Technology Giant, Huawei.

The initiative goes like this: For the samsung trade-in program, users who own one of the Huawei smartphones listed below and fears that Google’s decision to suspend the collaboration with Huawei can make their lives more complicated in the future while using the phone can now trade it in and switch to a Samsung Galaxy S10.

The Korean giant, has included some Huawei devices with generous compensations for an exchange program:

Huawei P20 Pro – $560

Huawei P20 – $445

Huawei Mate 20 Pro – $755

Huawei Mate 20 – $545

Huawei Nova 3i – $300

This offer is valid for users who decide to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 and includes numerous other devices from previous Samsung phone generations.

Because of the ban, Huawei has lost several things alongside losing its license to Android OS, it lost the hopes for future Kirin chipsets when Softbank’s owned ARM, a chip maker cut ties with them and was recently kicked out of Wi-Fi Alliance.

This is really a smart move from Samsung, salvaging what looks like Huawei’s downfall to their own advantage.


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