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According to a trustworthy source on twitter, Onleaks. He recently tweeted the specs of the new Galaxy A90 which among all its eye-popping features, the one that grabbed my attention the most is the powerful Snapdragon 855 processor which’s a “flagship only” processor. 

This will be the first time a Samsung A-series device will be coming with a flagship processor as A-series phones right from its genesis are Samsung’s midrange galaxy devices. 

Samsung Galaxy A series

Previously, Samsung A series are phones that occupy the highest position on Samsung’s mid-range device echelon and in most cases, they are used to test some Samsung’s crazy ideas which they are scared to test how customers will react to it is found on their flagship.

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Meanwhile, we all thought the A90 will get the same rotating motorized camera the A80 came with but “NO” it wouldn’t. According to onleaks, the A90 wouldn’t have any pop-up camera, no sliders, and no rotating cameras. Instead, it will be coming with the same teardrop notch other smartphone companies are using on their front-facing camera. 

The motorized rotating camera, while being something that people are still skeptical about its durability, nobody is complaining, which means that it’s widely accepted.

Instead of building on that with the successor A90 they are reverting back to the tear-notched pattern which everybody appears to have a grudge on but just wouldn’t mind using a smartphone that comes with it because it’s now everywhere. Even a pop-up or a sliding camera would have been better.

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 The new A90 with the rotating  motorised camera giving it an opportunity to have a true full screen display coupled with the powerful Snapdragon 855 would have been a powerful phone to reckon with. I still don’t get it why Samsung wouldn’t capitalize on this trend they managed to get into first and sell more units. But for whatever reason why they made this decision I hope it’s bigger than the mistake they are making.

Also, I think Samsung is packing so much into the galaxy A90 device.

According to Onleaks, alongside the powerful flagship processor, the smartphone will come with an FHD+ sAMOLED Infinity-U display and also it’s getting an insane 45W fast charging capability the same with Galaxy note 10’s fast charging capability. 


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