Samsung Galaxy Z Flip2 (or Galaxy Z Flip3): First details about the possible equipment

Last year, Samsung launched two new foldables, the Galaxy Z Flip (5G) and Galaxy Z Fold2 . In fact, there were even three if you include the 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip. Also this year it is expected that the South Korean manufacturer would like to show one or the other foldable smartphone.

One of them is very likely to be the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip . This model can be opened and closed like a flip phone. The successor could be presented as the Galaxy Z Flip2 or already as the Galaxy Z Flip3, so the name would be aligned with the Galaxy Z Fold series.

We are now receiving the first possible rumors from South Korea about the equipment of the Galaxy Z Flip2 or 3. Apparently Samsung has now finalized the hardware. The upcoming folding foldable should, among other things, be characterized by a significantly thinner housing. The thinner case is particularly noticeable when it is closed.

The displays should get better. On the outside, the “mini display” should grow to 1.8 to 2 inches. Samsung is to give the foldable display on the inside a significant upgrade. A new dynamic AMOLED with LTPO backplane and a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz is to be installed. The edges around the display will probably also shrink.

Another source is a bit more concrete. She claims to have found out that the next Galaxy Z Flip will have a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED. Allegedly, the display is to be protected by a new version of Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). In theory, this should even be able to be used with an S Pen.

The cameras should be the same as in the Galaxy S 21. Means: 12 MP main sensor, 12 MP ultra wide angle camera and 64 MP telelens. For selfies there are 10 megapixels to choose from.

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