Realme 8 Pro in the test: Great features at a low price

Over the past decade, the smartphone market has become a competitive area. This is also due to the fact that more and more Chinese manufacturers poured into the Android market, offering great hardware at an affordable price. So also realme, which today presented its new realme 8 Pro. To what extent this can score in everyday life, I’ve seen in the last 2 weeks.

Scope of delivery

(Almost) everything in a box

If you open the box of the realme 8 Pro, in addition to the smartphone, the instructions and the tool for removing the SIM card, you will also find a suitable charging cable with up to to 65 watts can be operated (the device is operated with 50 watt loaded). With a thickness of 8.1 millimeters and a weight of 176 grams are the 8 Pro when unpacking good in the hand.

A screen protector is already glued on, and a transparent case is included. Matching headphones are not in the box. But in my opinion that is not so wild, the realme 8 Pro has a headphone jack. With it or via Bluetooth, almost all headphones can be connected quickly and easily.


Great display, good workmanship

Once switched on, we get a 6, 43 inch (approx. 16 cm) large display. This is only interrupted by a hole punch camera located in the upper left corner. The resolution is 1080 to 2400 pixels, the result is a pixel density of 409 dpi. That is enough to display content sharply, a refresh rate of up to 180 Heart ensures smooth animations and app – Change.

The workmanship is excellent, but the back feels a bit cheap due to the use of plastic. Volume buttons and power button are located on the right-hand side, the latter has different functions depending on how long it is pressed. If we tap the button briefly, the device locks, if we stay on the button a little longer, the Google Assistant is activated. A long press opens the menu for shutdown and restart.

The buttons are arranged similarly to other Android smartphones

The fingerprint sensor is located under the screen of the realme 8 Pro and struggled with some weaknesses in the test. The registration of a new fingerprint worked flawlessly, but when unlocking the code is requested relatively often due to incorrect identifications.


(Almost) pure Android = pure pleasure

The Google Android operating system is used, the current version is preinstalled 11. Realme relies again on its marginally adapted interface realme UI (version 2.0). Since the system design is hardly touched here, the realme 8 Pro can boast good user-friendliness and almost native Android. This can also be seen in the pre-installed apps: In addition to the classic Google apps, the Group’s phone and messenger app are also included.

In the test, the system reacted immediately to inputs, actions were carried out smoothly and there were no stuttering or anything else while using several apps at the same time Problems recognizable. The built-in main memory, which is sufficiently dimensioned with 8 gigabytes, makes it possible.

The realme 8 Pro can easily handle the use of multiple apps

Another advantage is the system settings. Realme gives many options for customizing the interface and actions, so if you don’t like native Android, you can adjust the grid, app icons and other parts of the system within the settings.


An army of camera modules

Especially with the camera, the realme 8 Pro wants to show off. The front camera takes with you 14 megapixels and delivers passable results in my opinion. Some of the colors are vividly displayed, the camera software allows all possible filters to be applied.

The configuration on the back is particularly interesting. Here we see 4 cameras with 108 Megapixels, 8 Megapixels and 2 times 2 Resolve megapixels.

The used HM2 sensor from Samsung triggers with 12. 000 x 9. 000 pixels and enables the recording of impressive pictures and videos. A special time-lapse function can be used to create interesting scenes, from traffic on the street to the stars in the sky. Even strongly moving objects are recorded well.

The zoom is also impressive. Contents appear sharp even when magnified five times.

Compared to the iPhone 12 but certain scenes look a bit washed out.

Realme promises that excellent recordings should be possible with the 8 Pro at night. If the flash is active, the results are okay and comparable to other mid-range smartphones. In well-lit areas, the realme’s camera also scores at night.

When using the widely advertised night mode, however, the environment decides on the results. Because the sensor can hardly adjust anything in rooms or areas that are too dark. However, if we have some light (for example from the street lighting), then the results are presentable and sometimes wonderful shots are created.

The night mode was really convincing


When it comes to audio, the realme 8 Pro is a bit disappointing. There are only speakers on the bottom of the device, the quality is okay, but many competing products can do better. A YouTube video can be enjoyed with the current equipment, but with a series or a film I would switch to another device with stereo sound or plug in my headphones.

Only on the underside of the realme 8 Pro are speakers

Battery life

One charge, several days

The battery of the realme 8 Pro holds a capacity of 4. 432 Milliamp hours and gets you through two days with normal use. Even when watching videos or surfing through Reddit, Facebook and Co. the battery drains slowly, in an absolute emergency a power-saving mode supports you, for example, to ensure survival on the way home.

If the smartphone runs out of breath, the charging technology called “SuperDart Charge” the full battery in just one time 47 minutes fully recharge. That is a mature achievement in this price segment.

Conclusion and availability

The realme 8 Pro can from the 31. March 2021 can be delivered via Amazon and is available in the color options “Infinity Black” and “Infinity Blue”. Depending on your needs, there are two models to choose from: The cheapest variant comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 Gigabyte storage and costs 225 Euro, do you want 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 Gigabyte memory, so you only have to 20 Euro (299 Additionally invest. A tip: Order the device by 20. March, then you save yourself additional 16 Euro.

The realme 8 Pro is initially available in two colors

Even though I’m usually an iOS user, I could the realme 8 Pro convince in many ways. The camera is good (even if the pictures look washed out from time to time), the screen is perfectly lit and almost all Google functions are available with almost pure Android. Only the somewhat unreliable fingerprint sensor and the plastic back spoil the daily user experience.

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