Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo – the best electric all-rounder

Porsche takes electrification seriously. Instead of being launched onto the market like other dull electric SUVs, the Taycan was the first series of electric sports cars to be launched. For me, the Taycan was and is currently the reference for electric cars.

With the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche is now bringing another variant of the model variant on the market at the same high level. In fact, the Taycan Cross Turismo has the greatest spread between utility and sportiness for electric cars on the market and thus sets the standards again.

At the start in summer 2021 there will be four variants of the Taycan Cross Turismo. Series is the 93, 4 kWh performance battery plus . The adaptive air suspension is also standard in the Cross Turismo.

  • The Taycan 4 Cross Turismo with 280 kW (380 PS), overboost performance with Launch Control 300 kW (476 PS), acceleration 0 – 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, top speed 220 km / h , Power consumption (WLTP, combined) 26, 4 – 22, 4 kWh / 100 km, range (WLTP) 389 – 456 km
  • The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo with 360 kW (490 PS), overboost power at Launch Control 420 kW (560 PS), acceleration 0 – 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds, top speed 240 km / h, power consumption (WLTP, combined) 26, 4 – 22, 6 kWh / 100 km, Range (WLTP) 388 – 452 km
  • The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 500 kW (680 PS), acceleration 0 – 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds, top speed 250 km / h, power consumption h (WLTP, combined) 24, 9 – 22, 6 kWh / 100 km, range (WLTP) 389 – 452 km
  • The Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 560 kW (761 PS), acceleration 0 – 93 km / h in 2.9 seconds, maximum speed inditude 250 km / h, power consumption (WLTP, combined) 26, 4 – 24, 4 kWh / 100 km, range (WLTP) 388 – 419 km.

In my test of the Porsche Taycan I have described in great detail why I consider the Taycan to be the best electric car on the road at the moment. Everything I wrote there also applies 1: 1 to the Cross Turismo.

I also have a short video with my driving impressions of the Taycan Cross Turismo on the Autobahn.

In terms of acceleration, it is 0.1 s slower than its sedan siblings, in practice you don’t notice anything. The driving behavior is still excellent and beyond any doubt and my reference for electric cars, both for comfortable and sporty driving (the former probably only until the EQS is available, but we will drive over the bridge when the time comes).

Taycan Cross Turismo – don’t call it Kombi

When the Taycan Cross Turismo was introduced, I called it a station wagon in my own way. When you stand in front of the Taycan Cross Turismo for the first time, you no longer think of a station wagon, it looks too futuristic for that.

It is surprising that the Taycan Cross Turismo has almost the same dimensions as the normal Taycan has. It makes a slightly bigger impression. The space available has grown noticeably. The Taycan Cross Turismo offers passengers in the rear significantly more headroom and thanks to the foldable seats there is a maximum load volume of over 1. 200 liters available.

The off-road design package is also a good compromise between utility and design. The special flaps on the corners of the front and rear bumpers as well as on the ends of the sills protect against falling rocks. there is an additional drive program as standard. In gravel mode the vehicle level is increased by 30 Raised mm compared to the sedan. In addition, “Gravel Mode” influences the chassis systems Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), Porsche Traction Management (PTM), Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV +), Porsche Stability Management (PSM) and the rear axle drive. The latter shifts in a traction-optimized manner. The accelerator pedal characteristic was also designed specifically for the terrain with regard to power development and controllability.

Conclusion test drive Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

For me it is already clear: The Taycan Cross Turismo also sets standards. For me there is currently no electric car with a similarly large spread as the Cross Turimso.

Of course, the car will mainly be driven on the road, but that also applies to most SUVs. The classification as CUV makes sense to emphasize the demarcation even more. It also makes sense that an electric car doesn’t have a face like a barn door, so I’m really happy that Porsche started the first purely electric cars with a sedan and a station wagon cross utility vehicle.

Of course, it is clear to me that the Taycan Cross Turismo has a starting price of 93. 635 is not a cheap car. For me it is still clear: The Taycan Cross Turismo is currently the best all-electric all-rounder on the market.

Additional data Taycan Cross Turismo

At this point I still use myself from the press release from Porsche and copy a few of the passages I found worth knowing.

The bike rack for the Taycan Cross Turismo should definitely be mentioned.

With the eBike Sport and the eBike Cross, Porsche is presenting two e-bikes in parallel which, with their timeless design and powerful and sustainable drive technology, are an ideal match for the Taycan Cross Turismo. The sporty character of the Porsche Taycan served as inspiration for both models. In the case of the wheels, the organically shaped carbon frame cites the roof line of the vehicle. For the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche has also developed a rear rack for up to three bicycles, which sets new standards in terms of pack size and handling. At the same time, it can be used universally for different types of bikes. The tailgate can also be opened when it is loaded. For the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo model series, roof boxes are also available from Porsche Tequipment, including a new performance model that has also been tried and tested for higher speeds. The latter includes cross members for the roof rails of the Taycan Cross Turismo.

Flexible upgrade after purchase with Functions on Demand (FoD)
With FoD, Taycan drivers can purchase various comfort and assistance functions as required. The special thing about it: This also works after the purchase and the original configuration of the sports car. A visit to the workshop is not necessary thanks to online activation. This is currently possible with the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Guidance and Porsche InnoDrive.

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