PITAKA MagEZ Juice 2 in the test: Energy when I want, where I want!

I am writing this review at a time when we are relatively little on the road. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have stopped most of the ways, until the incidence drops again nationwide, grocery shopping will probably continue to be the highlight of the week. Because of this, it was difficult for me to test the new MagEZ Juice 2 from PITAKA at first – who needs a power bank when you are always at home – nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised.

The processing

Stable and ergonomic

Let’s start with the processing of the MagEZ Juice 2. Here, as with the previous model, PITAKA scores with high-quality materials. Due to the use of aramid fibers (as they are also used in Kevlar, for example) and a zinc alloy, the product lies comfortably and valuable in the hand, if the two individual parts were to fall on the floor, in my opinion there should be no risk of total loss.

The MagEZ Juice 2 clips comfortably to the back of the device

The power bank has a capacity of 2. 800 mAh, an iPhone 12 with 2. 815 Milliampere hours of battery capacity can therefore be fully recharged almost once. The state in which the power bank is normally charged is connected to a power source via USB type A and shows in the 45 Degree angle in your direction.

The only drawback in this area is the weight. The power bank weighs around the 152 grams, so I clip them to my iPhone 12, so are in total just under 360 grams instead of 184 grams in my hand. Thanks to the ergonomic fit, this is not a big problem for shorter charging processes on the go or in your pocket.

The charging process

Slow but reliable

The MagEZ Juice can be charged in different ways. On the go you can simply attach the power bank magnetically to your iPhone 10 or clip a compatible case, then charging takes place wirelessly at up to 5 Watt. This is completely sufficient in normal operation, but it takes a correspondingly long time until your device is fully charged.

If you want to go a little faster or you have a smartphone that does not support wireless charging, then you can you can also connect this to the power bank using a USB Type-C cable and then with up to 10 watts.

Work on the side and keep an eye on the smartphone: This is possible with the MagEZ Juice 2

A big advantage of the MagEZ Juice 2 is the included stand. So you want it using the screen of your smartphone and charging the device at the same time, then this option is sometimes the best. For example, I like to work with a Pomodoro timer, so while the timer on my iPhone is slowly ticking down (and I can keep an eye on it at the same time), my battery doesn’t run down completely. The iPhone remains ready for use.

The accessories

The huge world of PITAKA

Finally, I would like to mention the other accessories from PITAKA, as these make the MagEZ Juice 2 a great tool. Because if you don’t have an iPhone 12, which can retrofit the magnetic attachment of the power bank with the large number of available cases. In addition to almost all newer iPhone models, Samsung smartphones are also supported.

Also Samsung models (here: S 21) can be retrofitted.

The covers are of course also particularly stable and made of aramid fiber. But if you don’t like the currently available variations, I don’t recommend buying such a case because of the MagEZ Juice 2. In addition to really stable models that protect the end device from any falls, there are also more minimalist versions that are more for the design people among you.


Excellent power bank for at home and on the go

So can I recommend MagEZ Juice 2? That depends entirely on your device. Do you already have an iPhone 12 or have a cover from PITAKA, then the power bank is also for the current price of just under 90 Euro to be recommended at any time. If you don’t like retrofittable cases, you don’t have a QI-compatible smartphone or you don’t have a compatible smartphone, then there are other models on the market that better suit your needs.

The MagEZ Juice 2 is a perfect product

Regardless of this, if you choose the MagEZ Juice 2, you will get one Flawless and innovative power bank with a stand, which can boast excellent workmanship and versatile uses.

Price and availability

The MagEZ Juice 2 is on Amazon for just under 90 Euro available and can be in the colors “black / gray”, “black / blue”, “red / orange” or “ Black / Gold ”.

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