PepsiCo wants to manage over 28,000 square kilometers sustainably

The development of climate change is also determined by the many large corporations worldwide. After all, companies like Unilever and Nestlé could make their production more and more sustainable, as a result of which many brands in the supermarket would become significantly greener. PepsiCo also has the concept and would like 28. 328 Sustainably cultivate square kilometers of land.

Overall, these are agriculture that are to a size of just under 32 of Berlin. Because PepsiCo not only manufactures the well-known Coca Cola competitor, but also the products of many other brands , including Lays or Doritors (chips). That is why almost 4 billion pounds of potatoes are grown and harvested every year.

Large quantities of chips require large quantities of potatoes

By the end of the decade all land could be converted to sustainable agriculture, the aim is to work with local producers and find the best path for all parties. 2030 3 million tons of greenhouse gases would be saved as a result. Another proof of the influence agriculture has on our planet.

The concrete measures include already known practices such as crop rotation, no-till and the cultivation of cover crops. Soils are sustainably protected and remain more fertile for the next harvest. In addition, the health of the water area and biodiversity increase. Some experts even assume that more carbon dioxide can be stored in the soil as a result.

In the long term, the ecological footprint of chips, among others, should decrease

It is therefore assumed that the saving of up to 3 million tons of greenhouse gases is still relatively conservatively estimated, further research and Pilot farms, on which farmers learn new techniques for sustainable cultivation, are intended to advance the topic of sustainability. Because it is much more necessary to reach our 1.5 degrees Celsius target.

Own opinion:

It has long been clear that agriculture has an immense influence on the climate, but unfortunately potato chips will not be enough to save us from the climate catastrophe. Nevertheless, PepsiCo is going in the right direction with this and other projects, because many small efforts usually add up to a large contribution.

Via Fast Company

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