pCloud: Cloud storage according to Swiss data protection

Advertorial : To be able to store data as securely as possible in large quantities, that should be a need for many people. This is also the case with me and I rely a lot on my Synology NAS storage at home , but what I was missing so far was a storage option in the cloud. Some time ago I was made aware of PCloud , a Swiss company for file storage in the cloud. Based in Switzerland, PCloud is subject to Swiss data protection laws, which are among the strictest in relation to a person’s data.

Easy to use thanks to apps

Various apps enable practically everyone without a great deal of technical understanding to use the pCloud service. Data can be accessed quickly and easily using apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, but also for iOS and Android. The fact that third-party providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. can also be contacted directly, also makes it easy to move previous data locations. The only thing missing for me is the direct integration into the DiskStation Manager from Synology – then I would have my cloud backup of the NAS right away.

PCloud prices are particularly exciting with regard to lifetime licenses

Decide for yourself where the data is saved

PCloud users have the option of choosing the server location where their files will be saved. In this way, users will have greater control over the files that you store in the online service and their security. The company traditionally stores user files on servers in a data center in the United States. The files are stored on at least three servers in an ISO-certified data center in Dallas, Texas. In the EU, a data center in Luxembourg is used.

Encrypted storage

In addition, you can stock up on pCloud Encryption and protect the most confidential information such as private documents and other sensitive data on any device. Nobody has access to the content. They are also encrypted on the client side, so they cannot be viewed even if the device is stolen. To put it simply, pCloud Encryption is an encrypted folder on the computer with cloud backup.

pCloud Drive on Mac


Under all comments under this post, pCloud is giving away a 500 GB lifetime license. To do this, you have to get a free 500 – Have created a GB trial account, which is available via my referral link . Very important, select the data region “EU” in the drop down menu when registering.


I have been using PCloud for a few weeks now and will be happy to write about it as a test report if you are interested. Since I currently use several cloud service providers, I am considering mapping everything to one service provider, as well as backups of the most important data from the network storage at home.

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