NVIDIA invests $ 1.5 million in Mozilla's Common Voice project

In the next decade, language will become the most widely used means of communicating with computers. At least when it comes to Mozilla. Smart speakers, (more or less) intelligent assistants on smartphones or voice-controlled services in the car have increasingly penetrated our lives and will not disappear from there too quickly. Still, there is a big problem: These services are not available to everyone.

There are several reasons for this. In general we would have the country-specific language. Many systems still do not support all spoken languages ​​on this planet, and there is still the problem with dialects. Because only if an artificial intelligence understands German does not mean that an original Bavarian or a Swabian-speaking person is understood.

Mozilla is now working with NVIDIA so that an open system will be available in the future that can map all these languages ​​and their variations. The manufacturer of graphics cards is investing $ 1.5 million in the Mozilla Common Voice project. The aim of this is to democratize and diversify language technologies.

Because so far only a few companies have intelligent algorithms that people can understand and meaningfully support. And these mainly focus on English. So that this changes in the long term, Mozilla 2017 has launched the Common Voice project, where everyone can donate their vote. The data collected in this way can then be used by (almost) all interested parties.

Meanwhile 9. 000 hours of voice data in 60 analyzed in different languages. There are also very special languages, such as Welsh or Kinyarwanda, which is spoken in Rwanda. 164. 000 People around the world have participated in the project to this day. The open approach should also eliminate prejudices and strengthen trust in artificial intelligence.

Own opinion:

Mozilla has always shown with open projects that not all technologies have to be developed for profit. So that we can all benefit from digital services in the future,

Via Mozilla

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