Nice USB-C charging solution directly in the wall as a socket

I have meanwhile distributed numerous power supplies in the household, everyone who uses some mobile devices can do that. Not only the smartphone and tablet have to be charged, but also headphones, mobile hotspots, keyboards, children’s toys and other gadgets. However, it is encouraging that there is a clear trend towards USB-C. I wanted to take this into account and install a simple charging solution that finally Feller offers as a combination socket with two USB-C ports .

Technical data

  • Output current: 1 x 3000 mA or 2 x 1500 mA
  • Power consumption (standby) max. 100 mW
  • Installation depth 41 mm
  • T 13 Socket 230 V
Feller USB-C Steckdose im Einbau
Feller USB-C socket in the installation

Feller USB-C socket in use

The reason I’m writing this blog post isn’t because of the novelty that I have a USB socket in the wall. The point is that it has also proven itself, so far I had Feller EDIZIOdue colore USB C+C/T13 Kombination 3.0A an ABB UP socket installed with 2x USB-A integrated. The problem with this was that the socket made clearly audible noises even at low charging power. Something I can’t live with are “whistling” chargers, an absolute no-go and accordingly I’ve only been waiting for alternatives. At Feller you still have the choice between the USB type, but for me it was clear to go for 2 USB-Cs. The step has proven itself, the charger charges my devices noiselessly and therefore completely satisfactorily. A maximum of 13 W charging power is possible, corresponds to wireless charging with MagSafe iPhone as a comparison.

Feller EDIZIOdue colore USB C+C/T13 Kombination 3.0A
Feller EDIZIOdue color USB C + C / T 13 Combination 3.0A


I like the socket with two USB-C ports from Feller, both optically and functionally. It was very important to me that I can easily and conveniently charge my devices that have to be charged daily and several times a week. The fact that this works noiselessly with the integrated power supply unit without annoying whistling noises allows me to conclude this project. I can absolutely recommend the socket, even if it’s not a bargain.

The new Feller USB-C socket combination is available for 149. – CHF in stores .

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