New myStrom Switch with HomeKit compatibility being tested

The last few weeks the popular WLAN Energy Control Switch from the Swiss company myStrom were sold out everywhere. I have more than a dozen at home in cooperation with the Solar Manager and I think these things are awesome. Now there was another delivery and a nice new addition:

myStrom and Apple HomeKit

Resourceful users already knew that previous switches could also be integrated indirectly. Now myStrom is officially compatible with HomeKit, with the well-known “Works with Apple HomeKit” label on the packaging. The adapter plugs for Swiss sockets have an integrated temperature sensor and can measure the power consumption of the connected device. With the integration in HomeKit, numerous automatisms are of course possible and that’s why I ordered a switch .

myStrom Switch mit Apple HomeKit QR Code
myStrom Switch with Apple HomeKit QR Code

Integration in Apple HomeKit

The integration into the home WLAN is of course ingeniously easy with HomeKit. All you have to do is select “Add device” in “Home”, scan the code and you will be guided through the entire setup. The switch is found itself and integrated directly into the WLAN, everything automatically. Then you can assign a room and name to the socket. Two devices then appear in the selected room, on the one hand the switchable socket and on the other hand the internal temperature sensor.

Ablauf der Einbindung des myStrom Switch in HomeKit
Procedure for integrating the myStrom Switch in HomeKit


The myStrom switches have always been my adapter of choice. On the one hand because the integration in Loxone is so easy , on the other hand the same with the Solar Manager and the very fair price. With HomeKit Support things get a bit better, so still a clear purchase recommendation.

The myStrom Energy Control Switch is available from myStrom directly or at for 39 .- CHF to buy .

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