Mi Air Charge: Xiaomi shows wireless charging over several meters

When we talk about wireless charging, we mean Qi technology (inductive energy transfer). A charging pad is required for this, which is attached to a socket by a cable and on which the smartphone is placed for the charging process. In this case, there is no need to connect a cable to the smartphone, but there must be direct contact with the charging pad.

That could change in the next few years. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has presented a new technology that no longer even requires that. In fact, with the so-called Mi Air Charge Technology, a smartphone can theoretically be charged over several meters via a base station.

Animation: Xiaomi

In the announcement Xiaomi is still holding back with the technical data. We learn that a smartphone can currently be charged a maximum of 5 watts, but we don’t know after how many meters it will ultimately end. Xiaomi explains the new technology as follows:

The core technology of Xiaomi’s remote charging lies in spatial location and energy transmission. Xiaomi’s self-developed, insulated charging station has five phase interference antennas installed, which can precisely identify the location of the smartphone. A phase control array, consisting of 29 antennas, beamforms millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone.

When we can expect this technology, Xiaomi leaves open in its announcement. Xiaomi is known for such announcements, which often take many years until they are actually installed in the first smartphones. The technology is undoubtedly interesting, but is it also harmless to our health?

Picture: Xiaomi

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