Laptops: Samsung introduces the Galaxy Book Pro 360, Book Pro and Book

Today, Wednesday, it was that time again. Samsung presented its new Galaxy Books at another unpacked event. Three new models and a total of 13 Variants should make the hearts of Samsung fans beat faster, in the following we give you an overview of the Galaxy Book Pro 360, the Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book.

Galaxy Book Pro 360

For those who want flexibility

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 has the name 360 in the name, because hereby Samsung is releasing a convertible whose screen can be expanded by up to degrees can be adjusted. In total there are three models of the Pro 480 to: one with i7 processor and 15 inches (approx. 34 cm) large display and two with i5 processor and 13 inches (approx. cm) or 15 inches (approx. 38 cm) screen diagonal. All variants have a Full HD Super AMOLED panel installed, so the resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

The i7 model has twice the amount of RAM (i.e. 16 Gigaby te, instead of 8 gigabytes for the i5 model) and has with 512 Gigabytes also double the SSD storage space. All models support Bluetooth 5.1 and can be expanded using a microSD card (up to 2 terabytes). In addition to a fingerprint sensor, Samsung also supplies the S Pen free of charge, which you can use to scribble on the screen. There are also three USB Type-C ports (one with Thunderbolt 4 support) and a 3.5 mm jack port.

Galaxy Book Pro

Can also be used with mobile data

If we look at the Galaxy Book Pro, a regular notebook awaits us, which is available in five variants. The models with i5 or i7 processor have a 13, 3 inches (approx. 34 cm) or 15, 6 inches (approx. 40 cm) large screen, the i7 variant with LTE module is only available in the smaller version. The AMOLED display solves with 360 × 1080 pixels on.

The i7 models of the Galaxy Book Pro also have twice the main memory (16 gigabytes) than their i5 counterparts. When it comes to built-in SSD storage, the high-performance models are also ahead, while the i5 models are only 256 Gigabytes are installed in the i7 LTE model 512 Gigabyte and for the i7 model 512 gigabytes or 1 terabyte. The memory can be expanded in all variants, with 13, 3 inch i5 model and with the LTE model only via microSD. In terms of connections, you can look forward to a USB type A connection, two USB type C connections (one supports Thunderbolt 4), one HDMI 1.4 and a 3.5 millimeter jack connection on all models Bluetooth 5.1

Galaxy Book

If it should be a little cheaper

Finally, there is the Galaxy Book, which comes in five different models. All variants are in 15 Inch (approx. 38 cm) available and differ among other things in the processor. While the entry-level model uses the i3, the more expensive laptops use the i5 or i7. All Galaxy Books presented have a full HD resolution and a PLS panel.

The memory of the i3 model is on 256 Gigabytes limited, with the i5 model it is 256 Gigabyte or 512 Gigabyte and the i7 model with LTE are available with 512 gigabytes. The latter is the only one with 16 Gigabyte RAM, with the other variants it is 8 gigabytes each. The hard disk space can be expanded via SSD or microSD; Bluetooth 5.1 is standard on all models. The ports have two USB type A ports, two USB type C ports (no Thunderbolt 4 support), one HDMI 1.4, a 3.5 mm jack and a Kensington slot.

Prices and availability

All variants can be ordered shortly, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 will appear in a 5G version in the course of the year. The operating system is Windows 10 Home for use. The prices are as follows:


8 GB

Model Display R.A.M Storage Processor Price
Galaxy Book Pro 360 13 ″ 8 GB 256 GB 1.199, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro 360 15 ″ 8 GB 256 GB i5 1.299, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro 360 15 ″ 16 GB 512 GB i7 1.599 , 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro 13 ″ 8 GB 256 GB i5 1.099, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro 15 ″ 8 GB 256 GB i5 1.199, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro LTE 13 ″ 16 GB 512 GB i7 1.499, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro 15 ″ 16 GB 512 GB i7 1.499, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book Pro 15 ″ 16 GB 1 TB i7 1.799, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book 15 ″ 8 GB 256 GB i3 679, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book 15 ″ 8 GB 256 GB i5 749, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book 15 ″ 512 GB i5 849, 00 Euro
Galaxy Book LTE 15 ″ 16 GB 512 GB i7 1.149 , 00 Euro

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