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Instagram is known for many things, two of which is:

The app has a way of entirely sucking in a user’s attention and time leaving him with no time to be productive in life.

The second one is to gulp data like a desert soil that have not seen water for months.

Among the two points stated above, the Facebook-owned photo-messaging app likes the former because it’s good for business. But the latter had to be looked into, it’s very bad for business.

After a very long time, they now have a solution to Instagram’s huge data consumption rate.

Simply, the new Instagram data saver feature would function by stopping Instagram from pre-load videos or downloading high-resolution pictures onload, unless the user chooses to do so.

It will also help ensure and uninterrupted functioning of the app in areas of low networks.

Announced on Tuesday, the feature would give individuals the power to have control over their data-usage on Instagram and also increase the speed for loading pictures.

The feature has been added as a part of the app’s settings which can be found somewhere under the “account” and “cellular data use” option.

According to IG, the data-saver feature would be made accessible globally for Android users and would roll out slowly over the course of just a week after the announcement.


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