In the future, BMW will increasingly rely on sustainably produced aluminum

We are headed for a more sustainable future. Even if there is still a long way to go before we have made many elementary processes in our society sustainable, we will soon say goodbye to dirty energy sources and production methods (if everything goes on like this). BMW also sees this and enters into an extensive partnership for the production of sustainable aluminum.

Because even if electric cars hardly produce any emissions when they are in use, production is currently still a major problem. Today, many processes are used here that are energy-intensive and therefore rarely environmentally friendly. Even the aluminum required for the body usually has a large ecological footprint, but that should change soon.

Electric vehicles (here: iX3) should become even more sustainable through green aluminum.

Specifically, the company Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) should 43. 000 Deliver tons of sustainably produced aluminum to the car manufacturer. The energy required for production comes from the sun and comes directly from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park. Auto parts will be delivered once in Landshut (northeast of Munich).

The order total is in the three-digit million range, with the delivery from the United Arab Emirates covering almost half of the requirement. BMW says that this will save up to 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide up to 2030. Electric vehicles should become even more sustainable over their entire life cycle.

BMW also sees greater demand for electric vehicles.

BMW is not the only company that tries to keep emissions from its suppliers low. Other companies such as Apple will also support this with certain measures in the next few years. The whole thing is exemplary, but urgently necessary in view of the Paris climate targets.

Own opinion:

The car as a contribution to a sustainable world! That sounds a bit strange at first, but BMW and its new contractual partner are still making an important contribution to the containment of emissions. One question still remains open: What influence does the transport of aluminum from the United Arab Emirates to Germany have? Because if you want to become more sustainable across the entire supply chain, you should also include transport by plane or truck, for example.

via CNBC

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