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HongMeng OS, Huawei’s new smartphone operating system suddenly turned the new black as more details about the OS continues to sift into the news.

Hongmeng OS (or ARK OS) will come as an alternative to Google’s Android OS.

Also, It is being rumoured that tests show the HongMeng OS is 60% faster than Google’s Android which is even more difficult to believe.

Now, I should also warn that you take this report with a pint of salt because this news could be regarded as being a part of the ongoing PR drive to get the US government to think twice on its ban of the company from using US technology.

According to the report , Huawei is working closely with technology giant Tencent, as well as smartphone makers Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo to push forward the release of HongMeng OS. If this is true, that means the best of China is coming together against Android.

While it is still believed that creating a market-ready alternative to Android is almost impossible, this should also paint a picture of what the future holds for Google’s Android, a terrible competition is rising up.

Huawei is yet to announce the actual time when the new OS will be released but it should be expected around October.


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