Huawei will focus more on wearables in 2021

In which direction will the Chinese manufacturer Huawei develop this year? Honor has already been separated at the end of 2020 and in the next few weeks you could even get away with the flagship smartphones of the Mate and P Say goodbye to the series – if the rumors come true .

Giving up is not an option for Huawei, which is why they are now probably simply reorienting themselves. A well-known leaker from China also said that Huawei would like to focus more on wearables and other gadgets this year. A strategy that Huawei already 2020 pursued.

This year, however, the focus could be placed even more on products such as smartwatches and headphones. Outside of China, Huawei doesn’t really earn much with smartphones and tablets, but it does with wearables and the like. They can be used as normal without any restrictions.

It seems to me to be a strategy that could well work in the end. And who knows, maybe sooner or later the Biden administration will ease the sanctions against Huawei a little.

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