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You may be asking… why bother working with Aptoide to replace Play Store where Huawei already have their own App gallery?

You see, the Google ban on Huawei messed up a lot of things for Chinese tech Giant.

Huawei’s own app gallery is somehow small compared to Aptoide which has over 900,000 apps and of course, Huawei can’t do business with any us company come August 12.  So they themselves can’t upload their apps to their own app store. So they need a middle man and that’s where Aptoide comes in.

The Chinese company already have multiple backup plans in place to combat the recent developments that threatens their survival. From an in-house built OS to sourcing and stocking their equipments and suppliers elsewhere. Huawei is taking this step one step at a time.

This time, we’re hearing that Huawei is working with Aptoide to replace the Google Play Store on their devices.

Aptoide is a Portugese company which claims to be the largest independent Android app store and allows anybody to setup and manage your own Android Store.

The CEO of Aptoide, Paulo Trezentos, confirmed the details of the deal between Aptoide and Huawei. Though he also hinted that nothing is set in stone.

Aptoide is already working with Oppo, so there’s no reason for them to not be capable of working with Huawei.

What we’re mostly interested to see it whether or not Huawei replaces their pre-existing App Gallery app with Aptoide. The App Gallery is Huawei’s own app store that already comes with most of their devices.

It’s relatively small compared to Aptoide which has over 900000 applications. Maybe we Huawei will merge Aptoide content into the App Gallery, but that remains to be seen.

I like the way Huawei is taking care of these multiple hits, and it seems they will take this opportunity to create their own ecosystem here.

Aptoide seems like a really logical solution to their problem, and we hope both companies come to an agreement.


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