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Late last month, Huawei was all over the news that Google had revoked its Android license.

After Google severed their ties with Huawei, several US businesses – hardware suppliers, chip designers, standards organizations, and other companies Huawei’s smartphone business depends so much on pulled out of deals with Huawei.

These predicaments left the Chinese tech giant seriously implementing their survival plans to make sure the Us government ban won’t sink them.

The state Huawei found itself has forced the company to speed up development on its Android OS and Google Play Store alternative.

To make sure they pull out of this unharmed, the company is building to survive without Google, to do that they need to ensure that their smartphones have access to a flourishing app ecosystem.

That move has pushed Huawei to continue sending out requests to developers of popular Play Store applications to get them to publish their apps on EMUI‘s pre-installed AppGallery app store.

According to XDA developer, a trusted developer, who wished to remain anonymous, reached out with an email he received from Huawei.

The email was an invitation to join AppGallery. App Gallery is Huawei’s own app store that they’ve claimed has “270 million monthly active users” and running on over “350m phones,” about half of which are sold outside of China.

The email contains promises from the Chinese Tech giant to developers, pledging to provide “full support” to help them publish their app on AppGallery, but it’s unclear exactly what kind of support will be provided to developers.

Lastly, the email mentions a free invitation to a developer community which members are over “560k”, though we don’t know how active this community really is.

The email reads this:

Subject: [OFFICIAL] Invitation to join Huawei AppGallery

Cher XXX team,

In the last 2 years, Huawei shipped over 350M phones, about half of them in western markets.

All Huawei phones have our official AppStore “AppGallery” preloaded globally, with 270 million monthly active users.

We realized that your great Android App XXX is not yet published in our AppGallery.

In order to guarantee a smooth usage of your App for our users, Huawei is committed to provide you with full support, to help you publish your App into AppGallery.

We would, therefore, like to invite you to join our 560k developer’s community for free, in our Huawei Developer portal.




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