GPD pocket laptop

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By now we should know where technology is trying to push us to, in case you don’t know let me tell you, technology is trying to minify every day to day gadget we are using into something portable buy yet powerful.

We all know of the 10″ netbooks or mini laptops as we call it here that exist, anybody that had it in mind to get a netbook would either be purchasing it as a second laptop or because he/she is running on a budget, it’s not fit to be somebody’s main laptop because its specs have always been lower than expected, talking of Slow CPUs, smaller and slower capacity HDDs, and poor quality displays are just some of the disadvantages most of these devices carried.

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Now when I tell you, “the world’s smallest laptop,” I am not trying to bring forward the 10″ netbooks or any shitty smaller laptop with that type of shitty specifications. I am talking about the powerful GPD pocket laptop(GamePad Digital).

It comes with an Intel Atom x7-Z8750 inside, an impressive 8GB RAM as well as 128GB of storage (eMMC). And, let me give you a shocker, all these features are meant to work on its small 7″ but FHD resolution display.

It also has so many available ports which include 1x USB Type-C 3.0, 1x USB Type-A 3.0, HDMI D Type, and a 3.5mm headset jack.

It runs on Windows 10 and has a 7000mAh battery capacity that gives the little computer almost 12 hours of use. To this laptop, size is not a barrier to it being powerful.

The only downside to this laptop is its availability, well, what would you have expected?
 As of when this post is being written, it’s not available in any online shop even on Amazon. But Walmart just included it on their lists. And it is selling now for just $479.99.
 If you are interested to check it out, follow this link here.


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