Galaxy S21: Samsung is aiming for 26 million deliveries

According to well-informed industry circles , Samsung was not satisfied with the sales figures for the Galaxy S 20 series from last year. For the recently introduced Galaxy S 21 series , the South Korean manufacturer is now much more cautious with its prognosis.

Allegedly, Samsung hopes to sell around 26 million copies of the Galaxy S 21 series. This in turn should correspond to the previous year’s sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S 20 – mind you, we are talking about a single smartphone and not the entire Galaxy S 20-Series. So it can be said that Samsung’s forecast is very cautious.

The 26 millions should be made up as follows: 10 Millions of units should through the Galaxy S 21, and 8 million units each are contributed by the Galaxy S 21 + and Galaxy S 21 Ultra. It’s arguably the most cautious forecast for Galaxy S-series sales to date.

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