Electric cars as company fleets – two examples show how this works

I report a lot about electromobility and would like to bring the topic forward. Above all with clarifying topics such as my article on myths and facts about electromobility . My application purposes in test reports are always geared towards private customers. But electric cars work just as well in trade, contrary to many prejudices that one hears again and again. Here are two proofs to the contrary:

Elektroautos als Firmenfahrzeuge
Electric cars as company vehicles

Electric car fleet at the electrician’s

A prime example for me is meierelektro from Bettwil in Aargau . In the meantime, the managing director Kurt Meier has already electric cars for his 61 employees acquired. It started 4 years ago with an Opel Ampera-e and has increased it every year and also replaced previous combustion engines with purely electric cars. Meier relies on pure BEVs and no plug-in hybrids. His mix of many different vehicles is particularly interesting:

  • Opel Ampera-e
  • 2x Nissan Leaf
  • Honda-e
  • 3x BMW i3
  • 2x Nissan E-NV 180
  • VW e-Golf
  • Opel Corsa-E
  • 4x Renault Kangoo Electric
  • VW e-Up
  • VW ID.3
  • Peugeot Partner Electric
  • Hyundai Ioniq EV
  • Maxus eDELIVER 3
Projektleiter nutzen unterschiedliche Elektrofahrzeuge für Kundenbesuche
Project managers use different electric vehicles for customer visits

Many vehicles are also used cars, some with only round ones 100 km range in winter. However, through clever planning of the operations, these can easily be used by the electrician. At Meier Elektro, there is a good mix of standard electric cars for project managers and vehicles with more storage space and expanded storage space for the technicians. They each have more tools and material with them. Charging is usually done in the morning, at noon and after work. Currently you come with 10 Charging stations easily over the laps.

PV auf dem eigenen Dach deckt ein Teil der Energie für die Mobilität
PV on your own roof covers part of the energy for mobility

Power generation from your own roof

Of course, even with larger fleets, it makes sense to produce the electricity yourself, if possible, and in a correspondingly renewable way. At Meier in particular, the PV system can charge the electric cars of project managers who are not constantly on the assembly line during the day with excess PV in a controlled manner. On the one hand, this increases the self-consumption of the PV system and its profitability and, on the other hand, it lowers the operating costs of the vehicle fleet. With the numerous electric cars, thanks to the low maintenance costs, these are in any case lower than with the combustion engines up to now.

Neuste Erungenschaft bei Meier, der Maxus eDeliver 3
Latest acquisition from Meier, the Maxus eDeliver 3

Largest Swiss electric fleet with parcel delivery service

That it can get bigger and that in an industry where the vehicle is constantly in motion shows Quickpac . Quickpac is a Swiss parcel service provider and a division of Quickmail AG, the only private mail service provider in Switzerland. The low-emission delivery by electric vehicles is particularly exciting about the services at Quickpac. With 176 Renault Kangoo ZE Quickpac has the largest electric car fleet in Switzerland (as of November 2020). In contrast to meierelektro, one consistently relies on one model.

Renault Kangoo Z.E. bei Quickpack (Quelle quickpac.ch)
Renault Kangoo ZE at Quickpack (source quickpac.ch)


I find it exciting how different companies implement electromobility. With Quickpac the choice is clear, a large fleet and a vehicle type. That definitely makes sense in this extradition environment. At meierelektro, I find the approach with a mix of different manufacturers very exciting. Especially when the company sells charging solutions and solar systems itself and also gathers experience in the areas in-house. I find exemplary and correct.

I hope that numerous other companies will switch to an electric fleet and also start offering charging solutions in the workplace for employees. Quickpac and meierelektro clearly demonstrate that it works.

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