Electric car registrations in Switzerland in 2021

For the year 2020 I kept statistics regarding the electric car registrations in Switzerland . For the year 2021 I do the same and will try to add the latest figures to the article every month. This year I have a share of all-electric vehicles from 15 – 20% hoped, I am curious if we can do it. I deliberately go into BEVs, i.e. pure battery-electric vehicles, not hybrids.

Top 15 Electric cars Switzerland 2021

We now have a first quarter to evaluate, which is especially important for comparisons with Tesla, since deliveries are always made at the end of the quarter. At the end of March, the Model 3 secured the top position ahead of the VW ID.3 and the long-running Renault Zoe. For me, the fourth position is certainly exciting, where the Fiat 500 e stubbornly holds and the vertical takeoff of the ID.4 directly in the top 10 with one month in the market.

Brands & Corporations

Tesla also leads the manufacturers’ standings, just ahead of Volkswagen and shortly afterwards Renault. The other manufacturers have market shares of well below 10%. A similar picture for the corporations, here Volkswagen clearly dominates with a market share of just under 25% , followed by Tesla and the Renault-Nissan Group, as well as PSA.

Market shares of electric cars in Switzerland 2021

In the year 2020 purely battery-electric cars accounted for 8.2% of new registrations. In January 2021 this number fell to 6.8% and has now increased to 8.4% at the end of March. I’m hoping for a clearly two-digit number by the end of the year.


In the meantime we have the first quarter 2021 behind us, we are now back on track with the registration figures. Currently on the same course as last year, but if you look at the high number of registrations towards the end of the year, this should look good this year. Also thanks to the VBS, which wants to clearly rely on electric cars in the future , and the positive reporting from SRF Kassensturz .

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