Electric car registrations in Switzerland 2020

The share of electric cars in Swiss traffic is growing rapidly. I have reviewed the registration numbers from the current year and would like to show you exactly what the situation is like.

Last update: 06. January 2021

Market shares of electric cars in Switzerland 2020

Perhaps the most important graph of all is the market share of alternative drives in the Swiss market for new vehicle registrations. In the year 2018 to date, this proportion is growing enormously. This year every fourth new vehicle is already equipped with an alternative drive. Of course, I put a special focus on purely electric vehicles, which is currently 8.2% and in total almost 19 ‘500 Vehicles in 2020. In December, more than every third new passenger car had a hybrid, electric, gas or fuel cell drive.

For explanation, the terms briefly explained:

  • BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle
  • PHEV: plug-in hybrid with charging connection
  • HEV: hybrid without charging connection
  • CNG: natural gas / biogas vehicles

Top 10 Electric cars Switzerland 2020

The market development of individual manufacturers and models is exciting. As my following graphic shows very nicely, Tesla with the Model 3 and Renault with the popular Zoe at a distance in front. In third place is the Hyundai Kona EV, which I also rated very promising in the test . Within just three months of sales, the VW ID.3 shot to fourth place in the annual statistics, closely followed from the Audi e-tron (both variants cumulated) and the BMW i3 . New in the top 10 the Mini Cooper electric , but the Porsche Taycan just out.

Manufacturers & corporations

The analysis of the automobile groups behind the manufacturers of the electric cars sold is exciting. You can clearly see the Tesla more than 21% of electric cars in Switzerland deliver. Renault-Nissan and Volkswagen then with almost equal parts of around 19% follow and the rest then divides the pieces with shares under 10 % on:


An exciting input came from Christian and he got me without further ado also helps to convert the numbers to sales. Accordingly, there is a clear picture of the sales figures of manufacturers in Switzerland. Especially Tesla, of course, with a large margin and Porsche in third place, thanks to the good sales figures and high sales prices.


It is exciting to see and experience how alternative drives can gain a growing share in the Swiss car market. The purely electric cars with battery storage made it to a stately value of 8.2% at the end of the year. In the next year, more than one in ten new cars should be purely electric, secretly I hope for a share against 15% – 20%.

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