DHL is stepping up its own efforts in the USA to be climate neutral by 2050

Many companies around the world have recognized the urgency of climate change and have set themselves targets for climate neutrality accordingly. That is commendable, as the economy is a major contributor to the current problems. This is also the reason why DHL, which is part of Deutsche Post, wants to reduce its ecological footprint when delivering parcels.

To achieve this, a large number of sustainable projects are currently being implemented. We already reported to you at the end of February about a cooperation with Volvo to electrify trucks and achieve a balanced carbon footprint, especially on shorter journeys. But emissions should also be avoided as far as possible on the last mile

Already today they are cooperating with Volvo to reduce emissions (Image: DHL)

To do this, they are now expanding their fleet of electric vehicles and getting help from the American manufacturer eMotors. This designs, develops and builds electric commercial vehicles for a wide range of customers and is expected to bring more yellow speedsters to the streets of the United States in the near future. It should start in New York and California with up to 89 Vans.

The fleet grows to just under 100 Vehicles. This is still comparatively little for DHL’s parcel volume, but it is still a first step towards achieving our own climate targets. By 2050 the Deutsche Post DHL Group would like to make its logistics completely emission-free, further projects are likely to follow in the next few years.

The own fleet should become completely climate neutral (Image: electrek)

Operating an initially small fleet of electric vehicles also offers a number of advantages. Benefits and risks can be weighed up, also because sensors and analysis software monitor day-to-day operations. Weaknesses should be eliminated in future generations of vehicles and routes should be planned more optimally. Overall, the German logistics company is taking a small step in the right direction.

Own opinion:

We need more such projects to sustainably reduce climate-damaging emissions. 100 Electric transporters are already a good one At the beginning, however, larger steps are necessary to get into 29 years not to emit a single gram of CO2. It is clear that emissions trading can also wash a vest green, but this should be the exception rather than the rule in the year 2050 .

Via electrek

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