DHL and Volvo are experimenting with long-haul electric trucks

Our future must be much more sustainable. Although emissions are now falling in many places, it is questionable whether that will be enough to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. One reason is also the transport of goods, which is usually done overland by diesel-powered trucks. To ensure that they are more environmentally friendly in the future, DHL and the Swedish manufacturer Volvo are testing new models.

The goals are ambitious, as in the past it was mostly about the transport of goods over short distances. Now a distance of 150 kilometers should be regular can be covered by the Volvo e-truck. The experiment is to take place between the Swedish cities of Göteborg and Jönköping, with recharging in between on DHL and Volvo premises.

Volvo manufactures various E-models.

An important result of the experiment is the data generated from it. When transporting by truck, every second usually counts, and at the same time the technology must be affordable. The optimal utilization of the vehicle and the number of charging points or the duration of the charging process also play a very important role.

The company’s own company’s climate targets also motivate DHL to use such technologies more often in the future. The aim of the logistics company is to eliminate all emissions during the entire transport. Since 2007 DHL’s CO2 efficiency has increased by 35 Percent improved.

In There are already enough alternatives in the city!

Volvo, too, would like to reduce its own ecological fingerprint with sustainable trucks and not future market opportunities miss. By 2040 the entire own fleet should be electrified, conventionally operated models should gradually give way to their electric counterparts. Because here, too, one thing has been recognized: If the planet becomes uninhabitable, then nobody needs a truck anymore.

Own opinion:

With the partnership presented here, DHL and Volvo are sending out an important signal. Global transport urgently needs to be converted to more environmentally friendly technologies such as (green) hydrogen and electricity. The German company DHL has already shown in the past that it is not averse to emission-free transport. Even if the street scooters were unfortunately not perfect, the little speedsters were a step in the right direction.

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