Countries around the world have been emitting more carbon dioxide again since the end of 2020

In order to stop climate change sustainably, we have to reduce our emissions to an absolute minimum. This realization should be known to many, but the rescue of our planet still seems to be stalling a bit. At the end of 2020 we looked at a year in which greenhouse gas emissions fell significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic This probably had no effect on future emissions.

New data now show that significantly more carbon dioxide was already being emitted in December than before the pandemic. Overall, emissions rose by around 2 percent compared to December of the previous year. China, which currently heads the list of the top polluters, ramped up production after a year full of losses, one possible reason why emissions rose sharply here (+ 1.5 percent).

Droughts could continue to increase in the coming decades

Many see this realization as endangering the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement; avoided emissions now appear to be delayed. Large industrial nations, such as China, Brazil and India mentioned at the beginning, continue to rely too little on sustainable energy sources. When the workers in these countries return to the factories, there is logically a sharp increase in emissions.

But everything is not as bad as it first appears. After the Paris climate treaties, China will probably only 2021 cause the most emissions and then produce fewer and fewer greenhouse gases. In addition, the country under the leadership of Xi Jinping bis 2060 wants to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits.

The future belongs to sustainable energy sources

Nevertheless, we have to keep going. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by the middle of the century, we would have to record a decrease of 8 percent every year in many places. The restrictions of 2020 only resulted in a reduction of 6 percent.

Own opinion:

I have already said it several times, but it is up to each of us save the planet. Small decisions can make big long-term differences; climate protection is not always associated with restrictions. We live in an incredible century, let’s do everything we can to keep it that way!

Via The Verge

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