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John Wick 1, 2 and 3 were interesting movies but John Wick’s Bulletproof Suit made it more interesting.

The three-part movies have grown since the first release to the recently released part 3 to become quite a popular movie amongst the firearms community.

If you see how the dedication Keanu Reeves put into training for the movies, you will be rest assured that the series deserves all the accolades awarded to it.

While it’s far from perfect, the John Wick movies definitely got so many things right, one being the gunfight, two, the martial art and somewhere around 3, 4, 5 and 6 is John wick’s well tailored bulletproof suit.

After seeing the part 2, nothing has ever crowded my imagination more than the idea of owning a bulletproof suit similar to the one John wore while battling through enemies eager to kill him by all means.

My imagination intensified right after this scene – Where John Wick gets into a lengthy gun battle while wearing a bulletproof suit. Even though he was shot many times, the suit stopped the bullets and kept him in the fight.

That sent me on a silly research and here’s what I found.

Although, not as effective as the suit in the movie, bulletproof suits are a real thing.

Turns out, bulletproof suits are a real thing and has been existing in the Garrison Bespoke’s showroom since 2014.

Garrison Bespoke makes a stylish bulletproof suit that is not made from Kevlar(the material bulletproof vest are made from) but looks like an everyday normal suit and can stop a bullet to an extent.

Bespoke bulletproof suit
Bespoke bulletproof suit

While this real bulletproof suit from Garrison Bespoke won’t stop rifle rounds and can’t be held out like a shield, it still looks stylish and it still will stop handgun rounds.

Unfortunately, just like every body armour, at extremely worst situations, if you receive a shot while putting on this suit, burns, bruises and a few broken bones are to be expected because no expensive suit can bend the law of physics – But who wouldn’t choose a bruise and cracked rib any day than an extra hole through his/her stomach?

Garrison Bespoke had worked alongside suppliers for the US 19th Special Forces in developing the custom bullet-proof suit using nanotechnology.

The material used on the suit is same as the carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops’ uniforms in Iraq. Yet, the patented suit material is a lot thinner and flexible; fifty percent lighter than Kevlar.

The entire suit acts like a shield, with nanotubes in the fabric hardening to block force from penetrating through.

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The Garrison Bespoke bulletproof suit was made with three important things in mind: First, to be modern and stylish. Second, to be light and comfortable. And, third, to be reliable and safe.

According to Garrison Bespoke, “After putting the suit to test, we can proudly say that all expectations have been met”?

“The Garrison bulletproof suit is a testament to the level of care we place into building relationships and trust with our clients—we’re eager to respond to each of our clients’ individual needs, whenever and however we can.”

What’s the Price for the John Wick’s Bulletproof Suit LOok-alike?

The custom tailored suit costs $20,000.

To learn more visit the official page for Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof suit


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