Comment: Does the tech community have too much influence on manufacturers?

But what is the active tech community? This includes the “enthusiasts” in social media who click, comment and like, as well as bloggers, YouTubers or creators who create their own content. So all people who deal with the current hardware and software of companies as a hobby or professionally.

In order to accommodate the community, many companies also have an “ambassador program” in addition to the normal marketing agencies and press agencies. to give fans of the company the opportunity to advertise their brand through free products.

The discussion about LG

The question of how much influence this group has only recently been re-emerged. LG Electronics had to over 19 years the own telephone / smartphone division was completely discontinued. The press release officially stated that this step was taken because LG no longer wants to focus on the “incredibly competitive mobile phone sector”. But the first fingers were quickly pointed to the active technology community. The devices would have been wrongly rated negatively and the positive things would have been shown far too little. This would have led to low sales figures and thus to the end of LG’s smartphone division.

But is that true? Did the community influence affect the decision? In any case. The technology community has a massive influence on the purchasing decision of “normal customers” through articles, videos, social media posts and also in private conversations. Many salespeople in electronics stores also use these articles to find out more about them. If these LG had recommended more in recent years, the situation would be different.

The question does not come up for the first time

How much The influence that the community can have on manufacturers has already been proven several times in the past. Samsung brought the microSD slot back in the Galaxy S7 after the technical community had criticized the lack of it in the Galaxy S6 / Edge . In addition, the brand “OnePlus”, which is heavily focused on their community, reintroduced the “matt black back” desired by many into their smartphone line-up with the OnePlus 9 / Pro a.

The tech community is the loudest in the industry and probably has the most influence. Too Much Influence? No, because a lot of decisions are still made against the technology community. The microSD slot has been history at Samsung again this year, prices at the previously price-performance-oriented company OnePlus have been increasing for three years and Apple prefers to use 5G instead of a display with a faster refresh rate.

These decisions are made consciously, because if a company were to focus only or predominantly on the opinions of the technology community, then it will quickly go bankrupt. The tech community is simply too small to keep a company afloat on its own. But it is extremely important for a brand, as these are usually the customers who are willing to spend a lot of money.

Just listening to the technology community is not enough

The best example of such a company is OnePlus. This was able to make a name for itself through a strong focus on the technology community with “flagship killers”. So the smartphones offered a lot of hardware for a low price. But outside of the community, hardly anyone knew or knows the company, which led to low sales figures. OnePlus changed its “flagship killer” strategy to a “flagship” strategy, which also led to significantly higher prices.

The technology community does not have too much influence, but uses what is available to report small and large areas of improvement. This creates more competition and innovation, which is a positive effect. Brands are very interested in feedback because it increases sales and the tech community is lucrative customers. OnePlus has already shown in the past that a complete focus on these customers does not work for a long time. LG’s decision is not (only) to be appended to the tech community; bad marketing and inconsistent product strategy were also responsible.

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