Climate change: The first worst-case scenarios are emerging on our planet

In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, climate change will probably be one of the greatest challenges of this decade. Little by little, bad decisions of the past are taking revenge, but the agreements of the Paris Climate Agreement continue to give hope. The chairman of the British Environment Agency is now warning of catastrophic consequences.

The reason for this are the forecasts made so far about climate change. Best-case and word-case scenarios have been developed for every imaginable area, according to Sir James Bevan, many of the worse scenarios are already visible in Great Britain. Among other things, increasingly extreme weather and floods have been observed in the last few months and years. )

Floods and floods could become everyday life (Image: Chris Gallagher)

If things continue at this rapid pace, Bevan warns that rising sea levels could flood large areas of land and that thousands of people will lose their homes in this way. More deaths from droughts, fire and heat waves are also increasingly likely. A reversal of this trend is becoming increasingly unlikely, once you reach a certain threshold, there is probably no turning back.

Another reason why the participants of the cop 26 – Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the will take place in nine months, more consistent measures should be discussed. Climate experts from all over the world meet here to develop plans for a sustainable world that is worth living in. Whether this succeeds remains to be seen.

More and more cities are sinking into smog (Image: Call Me Fred)

Bevan also has a direct comparison with the current coronavirus pandemic ready. In the current time, governments and residents worldwide are doing everything they can to quickly eradicate SARS-CoV-2. Such a focus on climate change, which the chairman describes as an “unseen pandemic”, would be desirable.

Own opinion:

The effects of climate change on the world’s population are becoming increasingly evident. Forest fires devastate large areas of land and entire cities sink into smog for days. So it is up to us to stop the current trends and focus on a more sustainable life. Because once we have passed a certain point, it is difficult or impossible to save our planet.

via The Guardian

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