Clean Charge: Finally, clean cable management for the electric car

In the meantime, a wallbox has been hanging on my wall for almost 4 years and makes life a lot easier. The electric car is simply plugged in and the cable is already there. For years, however, I always laboriously rolled up and unrolled the cable, it was lying on the floor and got dirty. For several months now I have been enjoying the advantages of the Clean Charge Wallbox cable holder . I would like to briefly show you its advantages …

Clean Charge Kabelhalter - simpel und funktionell
Clean Charge cable holder – simple and functional

Cable management for charging stations, why?

For me it’s where on the desk with the computer setup. Many tools can be used to lay cables nicely and conjure up a clean office. It’s more fun to work there, much like with an electric car. Depending on the car, I have to put the long cable around the car, it gets dirty on the floor and so I had to clean it more often. But I found it even more difficult to roll and unroll. At some point you get comfortable and don’t roll it up cleanly anymore, then it lies around on the floor.

Egal wie das Auto steht, Clean Charge ermöglicht bequemes Laden
No matter how the car is, Clean Charge enables convenient charging

assembly from Clean Charge

The design of Clean Charge is simple and functional. Ideally, the cable pull should be mounted at a distance from the wallbox, I recommend 20 – 40 cm and slightly above. In this way, a 6m charging cable can be managed without touching the ground. Clean Charge is then attached directly to the wall using the four screws and dowels supplied. The cable clip fits perfectly for standard charging cables and then holds the type 2 or type 1 charging cable in place. The type 2 wall bracket is also particularly practical, ideal parking space position for the charging plug.

Auch praktisch für den Ladeport vorne rechts am Porsche Taycan
Also practical for the charging port on the front right of the Porsche Taycan

Clean Charge im daily use

The tensile strength of the cable retraction in Clean Charge can be adjusted cleanly, the system then reacts accordingly. It was important to me to be able to work with a long charging cable because different test vehicles have very different positions of the charging connection. This is also an issue when planning the wallbox, if the electric car changes, the connection may also move. Accordingly, I am happy every day to be able to simply take the cable out of the wall bracket and pull it directly to the charging port using the cable puller. In the meantime, I’ve gotten to the point where I always ask myself the question of why one doesn’t rely on such a practical solution …

Clean Charge im Einsatz
Clean Charge in use


For me, the charging cable management system from Clean Charge belongs to the product class where you are initially a little unsure whether you need it and then you can no longer be without it. Since I actually plug in the charging cable every day because of the solar-controlled charging of the electric car , I am always happy about Clean Charge. The system brings me added value and it does it every day, precisely such things make everyday life easier.

Clean Charge is available in Germany for 399 .- € and in Switzerland at for 459 .- CHF and other dealers like Fast charging or Meierelektro . Clean Charge is still looking for sales partners in DE, I heard from it.

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