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What’s your phone’s internal storage space?

8GB? 16GB? 32? Or 64GB?

The highest amount of internal storage space you have seen on a smartphone would have been 256GB which you can only find on very few high-end smartphones today but as of this smartphone. As a matter of fact, the 256GB storage space smartphones will cease to be the highest amount of internal storage mobile phone technology could offer.

The Smartisan R1 with its 1TB storage space is the world’s first 1 terra-byte smartphone. The smartphone truly bears the complete resemblance of the future of smartphones.

Funny enough, to so many of us, this might be the first time you might be hearing about this smartphone brand.

Smartisan is a Chinese multinational technology company headquartered in Beijing. It was founded in 2012 and designs and markets consumer electronic devices and online services. Its consumer software includes the Smartisan OS operating system. Its online services include the Smartisan Store, the Smartisan OS App Store, and Smiling Cloud

Smartisan R1 has four variants which include the 6GB RAM/64GB storage, 6GB RAM/128Gb storage, 8GB of RAM with 128GB storage and finally, the variant that caught our fancy, the 8GB of RAM that comes with 1TB storage.

The Smartisan R1 has the brand’s flagship specs which include a Snapdragon 845 processor. The body is built on a grade 7 aluminum frame and covered with 3D glass. The display is 2018 trend worthy with tiny bezels at the top which created no room for the front-facing camera, that’s why the producers had to put a notch to bear the camera.

Smartisan isn’t the first smartphone brand to attempt putting a 1TB storage on their phone, various brands have tried and while some of the models didn’t make it out from the drawing boards, others were just a hoax by the brands to sell more phones.

Brands that were working on such a device was the Turing Phone Cadenza which promised a 1TB internal storage but never made it out of the manufacturing plant to the market.

The second one Is the Monolith Chaconne announced by the same Turing which promised a 1.2TB internal storage but it’s still yet to show up in the market.

The last attempt was made by Acer, when they promised a 1TB “hybrid storage” on their Liquid Jade 2 smartphone. It’s not 1TB per se because the phone has 32GB internal storage while the rest that makes up the 1TB storage is only available in the cloud. That makes the Smartisan R1 the first true 1TB smartphone.

The smartphone is available for purchase right now and the base models sell for $550 while the 1TB variant will set you back by only $1400.


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